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How to find good criminal attorneys

5 useful tips on finding a brilliant criminal attorney.

Criminal attorneys are lawyers that assist people through criminal difficulties. The task of procuring a suitable criminal attorney for your specific legal needs is an important undertaking that needs to be done with a few considerations in mind. In this article, we will explore five helpful suggestions that will aid in your pursuit in obtaining an accomplished criminal attorney.

Step 1

Research. Information is indeed power, and by researching various law firms, law organizations, and websites, you will acquire a good understanding of price ranges, law customs, and procedures, and hopefully, a list of potential criminal attorneys that you can investigate. Friends and relatives are also adequate avenues of information, especially if they have anything to do with the legal system and can impart valuable advice on finding suitable criminal attorneys.

Step 2

General vs. Specialization. Would you rather have  general criminal attorneys that takes all cases or  criminal attorneys that specializes in a particular area? Certain criminal attorneys opt to specialize in a particular criminal area such as rape or murder. If you hire a criminal attorney that has a particular specialization, they may have more ample background knowledge and experience that will aid in your case.

Step 3

Who are they? When you have narrowed the search to one or more criminal attorneys, it is a good idea to delve into their backgrounds. You can do this by setting up a consolatory meeting with the criminal attorneys in question, or one or more of their cases may have made it into the newspapers. An introductory meeting with a criminal attorney can be an excellent opportunity to gain insight into their past legal experiences, education and their relevant skills. Ask them if they had ever handled a case that is similar to yours, and what the outcome was of said case. This could be a clear indicator on whether or not they are suited for you legal needs. Also, you could find out if they have ever lectured or published an article pertaining to their field of expertise. This can indicate a certain amount of ardor and devotion for their occupation.

Step 4

Credibility. Two features that can aid in pointing to credible and legit criminal attorneys are whether or not they are registered or earned a Martindale-Hubbell rating. The first feature of being registered is an essential attribute of a criminal attorney, without this they are not able to practice and therefore represent you. This search is based on region so find your local judiciary database and type in their first and last name or their lawyer id. For example, if you resided in Minnesota the Minnesota judicial branch is an adequate place to search for this information. The second accolade that can be bestowed upon a criminal attorney is that of the Martindale-Hubbell rating. This is a peer review of the lawyer conducted by their fellow members of the bar and judiciary. This process normally occurs on average three years after the criminal attorney has acquired admission to the bar. If a criminal attorney has this rating it is a good indicator of their legal abilities as it is normally awarded based on the following factors; legal knowledge, analytical capabilities, judgement, communication ability, and legal experience -- all qualities that point to a brilliant criminal attorney.

Step 5

Make sure you feel comfortable with your criminal attorney. You will be embarking upon a partnership based on trust and respect. If you feel uncomfortable with a certain criminal attorney, it is best to pick another one. 




  1. It is best to decide upon how payment will be calculated as early as possible to avoid any pecuniary misunderstandings that may arise at a later date. Become aware on whether phone calls to your lawyer will result in added fees.
  2. Don't rule out public attorneys as a viable option. Sometimes they are the best legal help you may receive.

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By Athena Rhodes, published at 02/15/2012
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