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How to find attorney work?

Published at 01/21/2012 07:26:43

How to find attorney work:

It is not an easy task to get attorney work immediately as a lawyer once you complete law school. Usually after passing the bar exams, most law graduates’ priority will be to find a permanent form of employment. As most graduates approach their last year of study, most will take up clerical work part time in the law industry or a law firm within a short distance of their law school.

The two most common types of attorney work are criminal and civil. The ones that work for governments are mostly criminal attorneys. They work as defending lawyers or prosecuting lawyers. Those that deal with non criminal cases are civil attorneys.

Step 1

The first place you need to start looking is the local phonebook. It is a great lead for attorney work. You will find law firms listed, and/or federal agencies under the government sub heading. It’s a starting point to look for a federal lawyer’s post. After settling on a list of contacts, call and ask if they have attorney positions that you can apply for.

Step 2

A second place you may want to find attorney work is at the career office of your college campus. Most career offices in law schools have MOUs with federal agencies of law firms to place students for internship or work. You will most likely find a post to apply for and useful information on potential employers in law. Be sure to attend the career fairs organised by your career office while in campus, attorney work openings for attorneys can also be found there.

Step 3

The third area you need to zero in your search on is the World Wide Web. Usually, if you do not have a strong network of professionals, the internet is a great way to expand your search without too much trouble of setting up meetings. The best part is that you can do it from the comfort of your home or office, sending applications to as many firms as possible and getting feedback on email. Internet based attorney work finders are also good ways to help you access a myriad of attorney work opportunities for attorneys.

Step 4

Rights activist organizations are the fourth route you need to go. They will almost always be in need of a civil rights attorney to defend a section of human rights. The advantage of checking here is that there is large pool of cases flowing in. Even if the pay is not good, you will be in touch with a large network of people constantly, and almost have your hands full most of the time. This is a great way of gaining experience while honing your attorney skills. Chances are, from the cases you handle, you will get leads to greater attorney work opportunities in future.


In conclusion, working as an attorney is a very exciting and highly gratifying career. It is important to have the skill and verve to excel. Lawyers are the gateway to our justice system; therefore attorney vacancies will forever crop up, regardless of the state of the economy.

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