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Finding music lyrics online is a piece of cake. Lyrics are the words that were created by the artist to sing to during their song. If you are trying to sing along to a song, but do not know all of the correct words, finding music lyrics is a great option. Music lyrics are also available for those that are doing karaoke. Host a karaoke party at your home and print out lyrics to some popular song choices. Play the songs and have your guests sing the music lyrics by reading off the paper. You may even just want to know the lyrics to a song to get a better feel for it. Whatever your reason, there are many websites that offer a free directory of lyrics.


Music lyrics have existed since the very first non-instrumental song was written. Without lyrics, you would simply be listneing to instruments, which does not always give as much emotion and feeling as a song with music lyrics does. Some song lyrics are written by the artist themselves, while other lyrics are written by professional writers who come up with lyrics for artists to sing. Once a song is released for all to hear, people become interested in learning all of the words if they are unable to understand a few. The lyrics are posted online by artists and users for others to view.


To find music lyrics online, there are only a few things that you must know. If you are unaware of the song title for the music lyrics that you are searching for, finding the lyrics can be a little trickier. As long as you know a few words of the song, you should be able to find the lyrics. In an internet search engine, enter the few words of the song that you know, followed by "lyrics". Click to search and see if your results come up with the full lyrics to the song. If you see results with the lyrics, click on it and you will be able to see the song title, artist, and full listing of lyrics, word for word.

Finding music lyrics based on the song title is much simpler. Either use a search engine or visit a website like to find many song lyrics for new, popular, and older songs. In the search box near the top of the website, just enter in the song title that you are looking for lyrics to. This should bring up a page with artists who sing a song with that title. Just click on your desired one to see the correct lyrics.

Not only can you search for music lyrics based on the song title, but you can also search by artist to see all songs that they have lyrics for. Search alphabetically by clicking on the letter that the artist's name starts with. You can also type in the artist name in the search box. You can then look through the albums and song titles that there are currently lyrics available for.

Tips and comments

Copy and paste your favorite music lyrics into a Word document and save it to your computer. This way, you will be able to find the lyrics with ease, whenever you want, and you wont have to be connected to the internet to do so.

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