How to download free mp3 files to a computer
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How to download free mp3 files to a computer

Published at 03/08/2012 18:59:50


How to download free mp3 files to a computer

Finding free mp3 downloads is not difficult, but it is not always legal! It is important when you are downloading free mp3s to check to be sure that the download does not contain copyrighted information or music. This can get you into hot water very quickly and can cause you to be fined or even jailed! The government of late has been greatly cracking down on illegal downloads. That being said, there are many free downloads for mp3s that are legal and free for public use. Be mindful before you download any content to be sure it is free for use!

Step 1

Searching the Internet is a great way to find free mp3 downloads. Many new artists who are trying to get their names on the air waves will put their music up for free in hopes that some record executive will swoop them up and sign them to record. There are privately made music files where the user and author actually create the music themselves and share it with the world for free. A simple search can give you lots of material for download in just a few moments.

Step 2

When downloading free mp3 downloads you want to be very careful that you have a good antivirus set up! Many of the sites that promise free mp3 downloads are full of viruses and spam. They also often have spyware attached to the files, so it is important to be careful anytime you download content off of the Internet. Keep your antivirus and antispyware installed and scanning so that you can avoid problems with your computer! Don't let downloading music or other mp3 files ruin your computer!

Step 3

Once you have found your file, it is simply a matter of downloading it. You will need to check your computers security because sometimes your computer can block a download. You should be able to give permission for the download through a check box. You will just need to choose where you want the free mp3 file to go. It is recommended that you start a folder on your desktop for the files as this makes them easy to find when you need them. You will click on save and the file download should begin quickly. Depending on the file size, this can take a few minutes to complete.

Step 4

Once you have downloaded the file, you can then play the file through a player on your computer, or transfer the file to a mp3 player. This is a great way to build your music collection quickly. By keeping the file on your desktop, you can quickly and easily change your music out as you see fit. This is great for when you get tired of a song and want to put it away for later.

Step 5

Doing a search can provide you with many sites that claim to give you free mp3 download. Most of these sites do have illegal content that is not for free use. Downloading from these sites is illegal and many people have gotten in trouble with the law because they did not know that the music was pirated and therefore illegal. Your Internet provider can even remove your service if you are caught downloading illegal material, so it is best to avoid these sites at all costs!


How to download free mp3 files to a computer

Find the free mp3 file you want to download!

Save it to your computer!

Create a file for ease of access!

Beware of viruses!

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