Best mp3 player for 2012
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Best mp3 player for 2012

Published at 02/26/2012 19:28:38


Best mp3 player for 2012

Everyone loves music. That is when portable devices like mp3 players come in handy to people who enjoy music. An mp3 player makes music portable. With availability of these devices you can now enjoy your favorite tracks while walking, going for the gym or even while driving. This innovation has made things very easy for all those who need music in their lives. Technologies like these, which are high in demand, always have a lot of producers selling their products on the market. That is when consumers like us have to ponder over the fact that which one is the best mp3 player for him/her.

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Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation is among the top contenders for the best mp3 player one can have in 2012. With numerous new features, this model has improved upon its predecessors and has a huge storage capacity of 32 gigabytes. Really, it is state of art in every aspect you want to look at it with. Featuring new apple operating system IOS 5, it has the new application of "imessage", which enables it to exchange messages between all iPod's, iPhones and ipads. Plus being an apple product you always have the source of thousands of apps on app store. Therefore, to just call it an mp3 player seems almost an understatement.

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Next in line is the Microsoft's Zune HD 32 GB. It has a slim body and an elegant look to it. With 3.3 inch screen display, its music quality is as good as it gets. Furthermore, it provides an option to its owner of making videos and sharing them online. Although it lacks in terms of different features and applications, but it does fit in perfectly for a fine mp3 player.

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Moreover, Sylvania SMPK8099 has great reviews and produced high demand for itself on the market. With 8 gigabyte storing capacity and a slim outlook, it is a pocket friendly machine. One of the most impressive features this mp3 player possesses is its long battery life. Since it also features a good camera, you can make some memorable clicks while listening to your music. And you can have your own karaoke by using the built in microphone.

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Sandisk Sanza Fuze is popular for economic reasons. Very easy on your budget, it features all the latest functions. This mp3 player is also an 8 gigabyte machine. It is compatible with Mac and has an expandable memory life. But on the down side its battery life is fairly small compared to other players on the market.

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Lastly, to discuss again is the Apple iPod Nano Touch 6th generation. It is very portable and still provides you with a lot of storage space. Featuring the clip function makes it easier for you to carry it while you are working out in the gym or just having a good run. Although, the old features the Nano iPod had are gone in this model, but the music quality is still brilliant.


This certainly is a hard pick for anyone, but it all really depends on your specific needs and the budget you have. The best mp3 player you can get is definitely Apple's iPod Touch, but it is heavy on your pocket. If you looking for a more economical product, you can go for the Sandisk Fuze or the Apple Nano iPod.

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