Best cheap players mp3 in 2012
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Best cheap players mp3 in 2012

Published at 02/27/2012 01:08:06


Best cheap players mp3 in 2012

MP3 players are convenient devices to take with you anywhere from the gym and park to school and the bus. They are lightweight and portable with good audio quality making listening to music a pleasure. Wondering what are the best cheap player’s mp3 this year? Have a look at the article and find out if these mp3 players interest you.


Best cheap players mp3 in 2012

In general, mp3 players are classified as media devices that store and play audio files, although most of these gadgets can also run videos. They are often integrated into phones as music players, but when one talks of mp3 players, they are referred to as separate devices whose main function is to store and play music files. These devices are also able to recognize different file formats and are not limited to mp3 files.

The world saw the first versions of mp3 players in devices released by Audio Highways Listen Up in 1996. Subsequent developments lead to the release of MP Man Player, Han goes Personal Jukebox by Compaq and Diamond Rio in 1998. In 2000, Cowon Systems came up with the iAUDIO. A year later, Apple released its first-generation iPod. Microsoft also joined the mp3 players industry by releasing the first Zune series in 2004.


Best cheap players mp3 in 2012

Indeed, mp3 players have come a long way since they were introduced to the market. Nowadays, they are sleeker, lighter, more powerful, and have higher storage capacity. Let us take a look at these mp3 players making the waves this year:

IPod. As expected, Apple’s iPods are popular not only because of the audio quality. They are incredibly light and portable with high storage capacities. There are different models you can choose from the iPod shuffle and iPod nano to the iPod touch and iPod classic. The 64GB iPod Touch is impressive featuring a 3.5-inch screen making video watching a pleasure. Screen resolution is excellent along with video and audio quality. It is equipped with front and rear cameras and can access the internet. There is no FM tuner though on the player.

Cowon D3 Plenue. The South Korean Cowon Systems has a winner in the Cowon D3 Plenue. Boasting of 32GB storage space, it has an excellent audio and video playback. The only drawback is the absence of a camera.

Sony A Walkman Series. The first portable listening devices were popularized by Sony, through the Walkman. This time, Sony has its mp3 players that store up to 16GB memory of songs. Its high audio quality plus its portability stands out when you want something small and light to bring with you.

Creative Zen. This is definitely a winner when it compares to storage size, a whopping 64GB similar to the iPod Touch (64GB). It even has a SD slot if you want to expand memory by up to 16GB. The audio and video quality is excellent, although there is no built-in camera for video calls. It uses the touch screen making navigation between functions easy.

SanDisk Sanza Fuze. SanDisk offers good value for the money if storage is an important consideration when buying mp3 players. It has 16GB capacity meaning that you can keep up to 4,000 songs or 9,000+ pictures.

Tips and comments

If you are willing to shell out from $100 to $365, you’ll be able to get any of these mp3 players. It really depends on what matters to you, but these are some devices worth considering when talking of quality products at reasonable prices.


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