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How To Find Free Songs Mp3

Published at 01/25/2012 07:33:55


Songs mp3 players play must be in a specific format so as to have compatibility. There is a wide range of mp3 songs that can be downloaded from the internet. Here are the steps on how to download these songs for free.

Step 1

First, know the song title and the artist. It is important to know the information about the songs mp3 to be downloaded. If the title or the artist is not known, the lyrics can be typed in the search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Step 2

Second, search and download. There are several options to choose from.

  • Option one is to go into a search engine. Type the desired song title and the artist and the keyword ‘download’. The search engines return a list of different pages with the same keywords. It is important to know that one of the iTunes usually requires an account and a credit card before the songs mp3 can be downloaded. It is also important to be aware that some pages are usually infected with virus. Take note of top rated and trusted sites like MediaFire. There are search engines dedicated to looking through files uploaded in these sites. A download link is safe if it shows what is to be downloaded. If it says the file type is mp3 and in the process of downloading and saving the file, the file extension is .mp3, it usually is safe. Click download. Wait for the download to finish. Open the file from the folder where it is saved. Remember, this process is risky and takes a lot of time because of the search results from the engines.
  • Option two is to download through torrents. Download torrent programs like BitTorrent and uTorrent which are used for file sharing. They have search engines like, and wherein discographies, albums and singles can be found. Take note of the files, which are usually shown, that are found within the torrent. There are also comments of regular users found under each torrent download. Safe torrents should have all file extensions with .mp3. If these conditions are met, then the torrent is safe. Download the torrent and open it with the torrent programs. The time of the download is dependent on the internet connection speed and the seeds which are indicated in the torrent programs. There are usually columns where the estimated time of download will be completed is indicated. Wait for it to finish. Open the file from the folder to where it is saved.
  • Option three is to download with the help of YouTube. Look for sites that convert Youtube videos into MP3s with the help of search engines. Once it is found, search for the desired song by an artist through Youtube. Usually sites converting Youtube videos to mp3s require the link of the Youtube video. Copy this link from the address bar into the designated text box. These sites have check boxes into what type of file and the quality of the songs mp3 output. Click download. Wait up to the time it finishes downloading and then open the file from where it is saved.
  • Option four is to ask a friend. If a friend has a copy of the songs mp3 file, ask a friend to upload it to a file sharing site like MediaFire or e-mail the mp3 file. Click download. Wait to finish. Open from the folder where it is saved.


From the different choices available, always choose the fastest, easiest, yet safest way to download songs mp3. In addition, do not forget to check or scan any file for any hidden virus, tojan, malware, and other illegal activities.

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