How to download music that can be aded to all mp3 players
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How to download music that can be aded to all mp3 players

Published at 01/24/2012 12:39:51


How to download music that can be aded to all mp3 players

The trend of buying cds and keeping a collection of them is getting old. The people find it much more convenient to download a song free rather than spending money to buy a cd. For buying cds you have to go the market, but for downloading a song you just have to go online and look for it. There are different song formats available online. Download such a format that can be played on all mp3 players. For this purpose go online on a downloading website and click on the song you want to download. A page will open and then right click on the song link provided by the website. This way, the actual format of the song will be downloaded and it will be played on all mp3 players.

Step 1

At first there was a trend of collecting cds and making a separate shelf for your favorites. But this trend has been vanished from our lives with the introduction of downloading songs that can be played on all mp3 players. Websites provide such formats of songs for being played on all mp3 players. Over the years there has been a massive increase in the supply of links by the websites of downloading songs. These websites are gaining popularity and have been the favorites among the youth. The wastage of money on buying the cds of your favorite songs has been reduced to great extent. The large amount of pocket money of the teenagers that was first consumed in buying the cds is now saved. So, one can say that iPods are a one time investment proccess for teenagers

Step 2

The best part about downloading the songs is the saving of money. Now the teenagers donnot have to spend dollars on buying cds. Little time is consumed in downloading these songs and there is no chance of not being able to get them back. There are all formats of songs available on the websites for downloading. But mostly such a format is present that can be played o all mp3 players. The advantage to this format is that the listener doesn’t have to change the mp3 player every time he wants to change a song choice. Websites like Google, Youtube and mp3skull are famous websites for downloading the songs that can be played on all mp3 players. You can easily find songs to download in your iPod and enjoy the feast of good music


The tip for downloading a song that can be played on all mp3 players is to read the format first. There are different media players available in your computer such as the windows media player, the real player and the jet player. If you download a song that can only be played on one player and that player is not working then you will have trouble in downloading it again. Therefore download songs from Google and Youtube. These websites have the songs that can be played on all mp3 players. By right clicking on the link of the song provided by the website, you can download it in your computer.

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