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How to download music to mp3 players

Published at 01/21/2012 12:18:38

Mp3 player devices

Mp3 player devices are available in a range and variety thus when opting to buy one, you actually have a variety to base your choice on. A few known and popular brands of mp3 players are such as Microsoft, Sony, Philips, SanDisk and many others like coby and Samsung devices are available. Also, some cell phones and game consoles can double as mp3 music players. After you have obtained your best choice, the next step is to install or download music from other sources to mp3 player devices. This gives you free and instant entertainment when at home or commuting to work place.

Step 1

What you need to download music to mp3 player

Basically, things needed to make mp3 downloads vary depending on how you will download the songs. Generally, apart from having an mp3 player device, you will need a reliable internet connection, a PC, cables, music CDs among others. This is well determined after deciding which method to will need to download the music.

Downloading music to mp3 players

One of the best sources of songs where you can download your favorite music to mp3 players is the internet. Songs can be downloaded directly from the internet using your mp3 player device if at all it has a Wi-Fi connection. Music to mp3 can be downloaded from various websites. Some of these online sites allow you to make free downloads whereas others require you to pay for the songs or subscribe to their services. Song charges may be made per every song or periodically. One of the best music downloading options to mp3 is making song downloads from Apple itunes music store. Charges are relatively low and cheaper than other sites as you only pay as low as 99 cents for every download made. However, playing of such songs is limited to Apple iPod mp3 players and all songs are protected by Apples DRM. Songs can also be downloaded in other sites which mostly contain encrypted music and music can only be accessed through decrypting such songs using special license keys which expire periodically and require renewal from time to time. Also, you can still download music to mp3 player devices using music subscription services. One such popular service is the eMusic. A given number of songs can be downloaded relative to the amount of money subscribed. For instance, with a subscription of $11.99, you can download up to 24 songs a month. Such online stores that require periodic subscriptions are on increase today and are among URGE, musicNow and yahoo music stores. If you are not ready to make these subscriptions, you can still opt the free way by searching your favorite music and artists on Google and downloading the songs to mp3 players.

Music to mp3 players using computers

Music files can still be ripped from CDs and stored in mp3 players. Music must first be converted and encoded in to mp3 format. This is done by inserting the music CD in the computer CD drive and using your computers window media player to rip and convert the music. After this is done, you can easily copy the songs to your mp3 player by connecting your device using USB cable.