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Where to buy an mp3 portable media player

Published at 01/26/2012 16:48:50


An mp3 portable media player is a small rechargeable media player which can play audio songs. There are a lots of variety of mp3 portable media players are available in the market right now. Some of famous mp3 portable media players brands are Apple, Archos, Creative and IRiver.

Step 1

The Apple mp3 portable media player are commonly known as the iPods. iPods are very famous mp3 portable media players available in the market. One can easily buy an apple Pod from an authorized apple store or from their website. IPods gives a long battery timing with a great sound quality. iPods are not only mp3 portable media player but they also play other audio and video formats. It also supports the iTunes library where you can transfer music directly to your portable media player.

Step 2

The latest version of the iPod can also play video songs and movies. IPods are a little expensive product if someone have to use only mp3 portable media player. For them, Archos and creative mp3 portable players are a good option. They are cheaper than the apple product but have a great sound quality and battery life. But they do not support the online iTunes library or any other additional formats.

Step 3

Archos, IRiver and creative mp3 portable media players are widely available in the market or they can also be easily bought from their websites. For mp3 portable choice, IRiver and creative are the good choice. In Archos mp3 portables, there is a lot of range of variety. They are not only producing the media players but they are also producing mp3 navigation systems, windows and android tablets too. Some of their portables also have the wireless internet connection option in them where one can surf on internet and download online music too.


Archos is also producing the eReader which supports the adobe PDF format and documents. One can not only listen music but can also read books on them. Creative is making the Zen mp3 portable media players which can play the audio wirelessly via Bluetooth headset or car Bluetooth. It is very small in size but have a lots of functions in it. It gives a great sound quality on a wireless Bluetooth headset. You can plays the audios in your car via Bluetooth connection. It have a good battery life and gives many hours of playback. It could also be easily bought from an electronic store in the market or from its website. This one is a good choice for the mp3 portable media player.

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It depends on the buyer that what do he wants to use the portable for and how much money he can spend on it. That if one needs only the audio playback then he can go for Creative or IRiver. But if he also wants his portable to play the other video or audio formats then he can buy Apple or Archos portable media player. There are many other brands if someone wants an mp3 portable in a cheap price. For example, Dany and Audionic are also make mp3 portables.