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How To Convert Mp3 To Wma

Published at 02/03/2012 18:11:24


There are many ways of converting the mp3 format files in to wma file formats. Both are audio files. There are many software available on the internet to convert mp3 to wma format. AVS converter is a great software for different kinds of file conversion. It can convert mp3 to wma format too. It can also convert many video formats to other video formats and audio formats. AVS converter is easily available on the internet from its website. It also gives the live preview while the conversion is taking place.

Step 1

I'm Too audio converter is also a great conversion software used to convert different types of formats into other. You can also control the bit rate of the output file you want to convert. Many other conversion software slows the computer down during the conversion process. But in this conversion software, one can also chose the priority of the software from high, medium, normal and low.

Step 2

Xilisoft Audio converter is also a great software to convert mp3 to wma format. It also supports many other formats like WAV, ACC, FLAC and APE. Xilisoft converter can also be used to Rip the audio CD files in different formats. It also supports the conversion of high definition videos on a great conversion speed. Its available on both Windows and Mac versions. It is also offering a DVD ripper so one can also save the DVD content on their hard drive of their computer.

Step 3

All Music Converter is also a great software to convert mp3 to wma format. It can convert MP3, WMA, ACC, OGG, WAV and APE formats to the other formats. It can also convert any video format file into MP4, WMV or AVI video formats. Switch Sound Files converter is another great software which is specifically designed to convert only audio formats. Its faster than the other file converters because it is designed to convert mp3 to wma and other formats. It is released by the NHC software company and its totally free to download from their website for both Windows and Mac. It can convert the audio files for the mobile phones, for the CD players, for the stereo systems and also for the Digital media players.


Jet Audio is basically a media player by Cowon but it also have some really cool features in it that makes it a really great software for the users. It can Rip and Burn CDs. It can convert video files in to different formats and it can also convert mp3 to wma format. Jet Audio is really great media player which can also be used as a format conversion software. It can be displayed as the media center, the mini player on your desktop or the media bar on the bottom of your desktop so you do not have to open it every time you have to change the tracks. It always on the screen right above your task bar. And above of all you can convert mp3 to wma file formats any time you want with very quick and easy steps.