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Published at 02/01/2012 10:00:01


Most of the people struggle trying to find out which of the mp3 video player is best for their computer. Which one have the best features in it and which one is more faster than the other one. Well, there are a lots of mp3 video players are available on the internet to download. Each have their own unique features according to one's need. The most common of all player is the windows media player. Windows media player is specifically designed for the windows users. The windows media player comes with the windows installation. There are basically two types of players are included with the windows. The windows media player and the windows media player classic. Windows media player classic is the older and compact version of the windows media player. Most of the people find windows media player hard to operate so they can also use the windows media player classic. Although, the windows media player have more advance features and an advance look.


Windows media player only supports some of the mp3 video formats so people needs to download another media player or a codec pack to run all the formats on their computer. VLC media player is also a very popular mp3 video player now a days. It has more advance features than the windows media player is stand for the Video LAN Client player. With VLC media player, you can also play mp3 video formats on two computer by connecting them via the LAN cable. You can also play and stream mp3 video formats on VLC player.


Another great mp3 video player is COWON's jet audio player. Jet audio player have some really cool features that most people really like. It have more advanced music equalizer. It can RIP and burn audio CDs. It has an advanced sound effect filter especially for mp3 videos. Not only this, the latest version of the jet audio player can also convert the video and audio tracks from one format to another. You can also choose different kind of skin that you want to play the mp3 video in the compact mode or you want to display the whole media center panel.

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Real player is also one of the great player available on the internet. It also have some great features as compared to some other mp3 video players. With real player you can play mp3 video files but also you can download the music online from the internet. You can also watch streaming videos, music videos or online TV with the real player. Real player also integrate in your internet browser so you can also download video from different websites online. You can also browse the internet into the real player and watch online movies from different websites. Not only this, you can also burn DVDs for your TV. Real player is also a faster way to transfer your mp3 video files. With real player, you can not only convert the mp3 video files, but you can also edit them and share them on the internet very quick and easily.