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Popular Mp3 Wma Players

Published at 02/01/2012 09:58:03


There are a lots of variety of mp3 wma players are available in the market. Some of them can also play videos and are touch sensitive players. Some of the most popular mp3 wma player available are APPLE IPOD, SANDISK, IRIVER and CREATIVE ZEN.


APPLE IPOD is one of the most popular mp3 wma payer available in the market. It have a huge memory of up to 64 GB. One can easily buy an IPod from an authorized apple store or from their website. IPods gives a long lasting battery timing with a great music and video quality. iPods are not only mp3 portable media player but they also play other audio and video formats. Apple is one of the widely used product in the market. The latest version of IPOD have a touch sensitive screen and have a great screen resolution which provides a great video quality while playing the video.


Apple products are a little expensive in the market because of its great features and quality. But if someone is looking for an mp3 wma player then he does not have to spend the money for buying an IPOD. There are lot of mp3 wma players available in the market with great sound quality and long battery life. SANDISK is also a well know brand for the mp3 wma players. It is much cheaper then Apple products and supports both mp3 wma audio formats. It have a great sound quality and gives a long battery life. Some of the model are well known in the market like SANDISK SANSA and SANDISK CRUZER. They are available in up to 16 GB memory but some of them also supports micro SD memory card so the user can extend the memory by inserting a memory card in it. But as compared to apple products, SANDISK cannot play the video formats. And also they do not have a big LCD screen or touch sensitive control system. If someone do not want these features of Apple products then SANDISK is a really good choice for the mp3 wma player.

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Another great mp3 wma player is CREATIVE ZEN. They also gives a great sound quality and long battery life. In the latest release of the CREATIVE ZEN mp3 wma players, they added another cool feature in it. It can play the audio wirelessly via Bluetooth headset or car Bluetooth. It is very small in size but have a lots of functions in it. It gives a great sound quality on a wireless Bluetooth headset. You can plays the audios in your car via Bluetooth connection. It have a good battery life and gives many hours of playback. It could also be easily bought from an electronic store in the market or from its website. This one is a good choice for the mp3 portable media player. There are many other brands of mp3 wma players are available in the market for example ARCHOS, SONY SAMSUNG and AUDIONIC. Each have their own cool feature and their own quality standard but they are not very popular in the market.