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What Is Zune Mp3

Published at 02/01/2012 14:40:42


Zune is a digital media brand that produces different kinds of digital products for entertainment. Zune is basically owned by Microsoft. Zune also produces zune mp3 players which are very popular these days. Zune mp3 players are usually different from other mp3 player brands like Sony, IRiver, Archos and Samsung. They are more like an Apple iPod. They have a bigger screen which is capable of playing both audio and video tracks. Zune mp3 also supports the Zune market place where you can connect, buy and stream your favorite tracks. The Zune mp3 gives a good performance while playing audio and video tracks, viewing photos, listening to the FM radio, and also surfing the internet. It have a good colorful interface. It works great with the market place while connecting to the internet. It also allows songs and picture sharing with good speed. Many of its accessories are also available in the market.


One of the really cool feature of Zune mp3 is its market place. It works same like the itunes for the apple products. You can download latest songs, stream online videos and share the data with others too. The latest version of Zune mp3 is the Zune HD. It have 32 Giga bytes of internal memory. It can store up to 8000 of the audio songs and can keep up to 48 hours playback of the video track. Also it can store more than 24000 pictures in it. It only weighs 74 grams. It gives a great battery timing of 3 hours of music playback and more than 8 hours of video playback. It have a 3.3 inch screen which is quite enough for an mp3 player weighing 74 grams.


Zune mp3 also have wireless internet connection capability so you can download and stream track any time wirelessly connecting with a wireless internet router. It supports both mp3 and wma formats. It supports Windows Media Video (WMV) and mp4 formats for video playback. For video playback via HDMI, additional docks and accessories are also available. It also have a built in FM radio.

Tips and comments

Zune mp3 is a cool product by Microsoft but it also have some draw backs. Zune mp3 have a weak native video support system. It cannot play the protected video content. Also the market place do not offers the video to download. Also it cannot be used to copy data from a personal computer in it without its own Zune software. So it cannot be used as a USB hard drive or a data traveler. Zune pm3 also have no podcast directory in it. And also the maximum capacity is 32 Giga bytes while other brands are offering their products in up to 120 Giga bytes. Zune mp3 also have a limited Wi-Fi capability, it can only share limited data and buying cannot be done through the Wi-Fi connection. Zune is a good choice because of its intuitive interface and solid playback. But the if other brands offering so much extra options in their products, people expects more from Zune mp3.