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Learning About Digital Mp3 Players

Published at 02/08/2012 17:32:21


Digital mp3 players are becoming essential accessories in the daily lives of several people nowadays. These small electronic devices are capable of providing superior quality music to the users. These devices can also store other media files such as videos and images. Users of such small devices can transfer various files from computers to their players through its USB connection. Some individuals would even utilize these devices as file storage spaces.

Users can store numerous media files with digital mp3 players. Some of these players are capable of accommodating thousands of songs. The number of stored media files would vary depending on the storage capacity of the small media players. Some of these media players can now accommodate movies and television shows.


What is Mp3?

Mp3s are audio files that are compressed using MPEG-1 compression standards. It was designed to compress the physical file sizes of audio files. These compressions are vital additions to the audio media player. An average media player could not accommodate as many tracks and sounds without the development of these compressions.

History of mp3 players

The first digital mp3 players were sold to the masses during 1997 and it was labeled as MPMan. Several months later, a new player was released by Diamond Multimedia to the market. This player was called Rio PMP300 and it was able to achieve exceptional reviews from its consumers. Compaq then released their own versions of such players during the year 1998 and it was also the first players that have hard drives. Apple Computers added newer dimensions to these players by releasing iPods in 2001.


Four major types of digital mp3 players

• The flash memory players are the basic forms of such media players. Its size and weight makes it a perfect media player for outdoors. These players can only accommodate fewer songs compared to its other counterparts. The maximum storage capacity of these players is 8GB, which can store up to more or less 1900 songs. These players consume less power and its batteries can last up to 30 hours.
• Hard drive players are heavier and bulkier than the other types of mp3 player. These players have larger memory spaces that can accommodate up to 21,000 songs. These players also have more features than the ordinary media players do.
• CD players are one of the oldest forms of media players. These players will play mp3s through CDs and it is larger in size than the regular players are. These players are also the cheapest mp3 players these days.
• Hybrid Mp3 players were designed for multiple purposes and functions. The most popular forms of hybrid players are the mobile phones. Consumers, nowadays, can enjoy both functions of mp3 players and mobile phones.

Tips and comments

These modern players are continuously evolving these days. Features are being added to provide maximum satisfaction and convenience for its users. There are modern versions of these players that can now accommodate various daily needs. Some of them have timers, clocks, reminders, games and calendars. This small gadget is one of the most popular products in the market nowadays. Don’t be left out and try to grab one of these digital mp3 players.


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