Song Of the in Love
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Song Of the in Love

Published at 02/29/2012 20:43:56


Song Of the in Love

When someone is in love the whole world seems to be a melodious song in love. The person in love seems to feel music throughout life and each and every moment passes through by giving out a new melody. There are many songs which depict love and its many phases. Some songs show how a person feels when it is his/her first love and some clearly depict the way a person feels when they remember their beloved and cannot live without the person they love.



Song Of the in Love

Songs are the true language of love and people can use various songs to portray how they feel at various moments. Songs are words which remain unspoken in formal language and the song of the heart is that of love. There have been various songs which are dipped in love like the recent song of the Enrique Iglesias ‘Now that you are gone’ its lyrics depict a person who is pining for his sweetheart who has left him. Yes, breakup is a part and parcel of love and there are scores of songs which portray breakup and the state of heart after breakup.

Enrique Iglesias is a maestro in love songs. His songs are filled with emotions that not only portray true love but all the feelings associated with love. He has sung songs like ‘Hero’, ‘I like it’ and many others. The lyrics of ‘hero’ go on like this

I can be your hero, baby

 I can kiss away the pain

 I will stand by you forever

 you can take my breath away

These lines seem to be the most beautiful ones for someone in love. Hence Enrique Iglesias is rightly known as the king of love songs.



Song Of the in Love

The song of the love touches the heart of people and gives happiness to people who listen to the songs. Love is a unique feeling and transmits happiness and high energies to the people who are themselves in love and also those who are associated with them. The song of the love spreads joy around the world.

Many other singers have sung beautiful love songs like Stevie wonder ‘Nothing gonna change my love for you’ and ‘Hello’ by Lionel Ritchie and many other songs. All in all the list goes on for everyone’s selected songs of love but each person has their own favourites and would like to hear the song of their own choice when in love. But wherever you are and whatever you do the language of love is the same for everyone and each person has the same feelings when they are really in love with someone. They want to just be immersed in the pool of love and never come out of it, immersed along with their favourite tunes and songs.

Tips and comments

  • Love is a beautiful feeling and song of the heart.
  • Many songs portray feelings of love
  • Each person has a different viewpoint for love but still love is same for everyone

Love to your hearts content and enjoy the song of love.



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