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3 Tips For Enjoying Your Time Home Alone

Published at 02/23/2012 01:35:31


In this busy day and age people are always working or going places. This is why, if you get the chance to be home alone that you should enjoy yourself to the fullest extent possible. Everyone needs time to clear their mind from the stress and the worries from daily life of bills, work, children, and married life. When home alone 3 days , here are a few things you can do do be sure to get the most of your time when home alone 3 days.

Step 1

Turn on some hypnotic music and grab those headphones and take advantage of being home alone 3 days. An excellent track is called relax and sleep well by Glenn Harrold. This is an itunes app or can be downloaded online. It also can be purchased in a CD form as well as an mp3. Download this to your iPhone and plug in the headphone and get ready to relax to the maximum extent possible while being home alone 3 days.


Step 2

Turn off all TVs, computers and any other interference or distractions that you may have that would prohibit you from relaxing well while home alone. Turn off all the lights and light several relaxing scented candles. The best scents for relaxation are typically lavender, chamomile, bergamot, sandalwood and mandarin. These scents will appeal to your nose and will relax you when are home alone.

Step 3

Warm up some tea and treat yourself since you have 3 days home alone. Bedtime, or rest and relax tea flavors are typically best. Kava tea by Yogi is also an excellent tea to use to clear your mind from the stress and anxiety of that days worries. Be sure to not get the tea too hot, as this will desensitize your taste buds, and then you will be focused on that. If heating in the microwave, the recommended heating time for water is 1 minute and 30 seconds, but this will depending on your heating level and how new that your appliance is.

Step 4

Find a nice scented bubble bath or some bath salts to enjoy your 3 days alone. Using bath salts has been clinically shown to detox your body which will in turn help to ease the mind and spirit. If you have no bath salts, Epsom salt will work the exact same way. Run your water in your tub and make sure that the temperature is just right by checking the water on the wrist of your arm. This is the most accurate way to assure that the water temperature is properly adjusted.

Once there are a few inches of water in your tub, put the bubble solution and or bath salts into the water. While the water is filling up, be sure to have a towel available as well as some lotion for when you get out of the tub. If you have a home phone that usually rings off the hook, take it off the stand. This is a time for you, and you do not want any interruptions to happen.

Step 5

Take a bath, and listen to your hypnotic track while using caution to not get your phone or ipod wet from the water. If you have a jacuzzi tub, assure that the water covers the jets and turn the jets on to a good level that is right for you. Most of all enjoy your time of being home alone and remember to let your stress float away with the bubbles in the water.


Use caution when in the tub and avoid falling asleep as you could drown yourself by doing so.


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