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How To See If There Is a Sex Offender Near a Home You Wish To Buy


Safety is often times a major concern for people when they are deciding where they want to move. No one wants to move into a neighborhood where they are going to have to worry about letting their children play outside or coming home when the sun has gone down. For people wanting to know if they are looking at a home near a sex offender there are resources available to find out this information. It is always best to look before you rent or buy so that you are not regretting your decision later on.

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One website where you can learn this information is from a website called Family Watchdog. On this website you can look up a specific address to see if there is a sex offender in a home near where you are looking to move. If you are looking for a specific person then you can also search for a person by typing in their last name, first name, and state where you think they live. The results come up on a map and each sex offender in the area is color coded based on what crime they were charge with.

Step 2

You can also find links to all of the state's sex offender registry websites by going to This is a portion of the FBI's website where you can select the state you are wanting to search and click on it. It will then take you to the state's website where you can search for sex offender's near home. Each website will be different so take the time to search the site and learn its features so that you can get the most out of it. This is a great resource and allows you to look at all the states you are interested in.

Step 3

If you go to you can find a national list of sex offenders near home without having to go to each individual state's website. This is a site maintained by the Department of Justice and enables you to search for a sex offender either by first and last name or by address. If you are looking for sex offenders on a wider scale, such as statewide, you can do a general search by just using the state or city name. Looking for sex offenders near home is made very easy with this website.

Step 4 is another website that allows you to find sex offenders near home. This site is much like the others in that you can search either by name or zip code.

Step 5

There are also sites where you can pay to get more information on a sex offender near home. Make sure these sites are legitimate before you pay them for the information. Most of the information you could need is available for free on state or national sex offender registries.


Check all of these resources to see if one site may have a sex offender near home listed that the other sites do not. These are often times national or local databases and there is always a chance of oversight when people are listing the sex offenders in their registry. If you can not find someone specific know that they may have moved to another state or city and you may not be able to find them without knowing where they moved to. There are other resources on the Internet to find sex offenders near home and doing a search on the Internet will bring up a whole host of sites that you can search.

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By Michael Banks, published at 03/09/2012
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