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Tips And Tricks For Yard Sale Advertising


So you've decided to have a yard sale and want to know the best way to advertise for it and get the most customers. There are a variety of ways to draw attention to your sale and get the most customers to show up. At first it may seem as though your sale will be lost in the shuffle, but below are listed a few ways to make sure your yard sale, and yard sale advertising, stands out.

Step 1

Posting signs on street corners is a great way to draw attention to your yard sale. This type of yard sale advertising has been used for years to get customers to visit sales. One way to lead people straight to your sale is to post directional signs leading straight to your house. This way people know exactly how to get there and don't have to get directions or go home to find out where you live. Yard sale advertising like this has been proven to work over and over again.

Step 2

Posting that you are having a yard sale on websites is another way to get the attention that your yard sale needs. Posting on sites such as Facebook can lead your friends to want to come and see what you have. Other sites even cater to people having yard sales and allow them to post the information for all to see. This type of yard sale advertising is a great way to reach a large audience and often doesn't cost anything.

Step 3

Posting flyers around town on posts is a great way to let people know you are having a yard sale. The flyers can give the date and time of the sale followed by your address. They are a great addition to signs because they allow you to fit more information on the flyer to go along with the directional signs. Knowing where to place the flyers and signs is the most important part of this process. Place them at busy intersections or stop lights where people will have time to look at the signs and know where to go for the sale.

Step 4

Spread the word about your yard sale. Let friends and family know so that they can tell their friends about the sale. Also spread the word around your workplace so that they can come or tell their friends. Yard sale advertising like this is a great way to get others to help you advertise the sale and helps to get more people to show up.

Step 5

Taking part in a group, or neighborhood, sale is an awesome way to make some money from your yard sale. Often times neighborhoods will have a large neighborhood sale once a year. This brings a lot of people because they know they will have a much larger selection since multiple houses will be participating. The best part is that this type of yard sale advertising is often times at no cost to you. Someone in the community will often times take care of the yard sale advertising and this saves you money.


Consider listing the items that you are selling on the websites where you can post about your yard sale. This yard sale advertising may bring people that are looking for specific items and might otherwise not show up. Also set prices so that they are attractive. Many people don't come to yard sales looking to spend large amounts of money and you have to price items to fit this standard. Taking time and preparing for the sale is the best way you can make sure you make the most profit from your yard sale. You will be thankful you took the time to make great yard sale advertising.


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By Michael Banks, published at 03/06/2012
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