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Discover 8 Tips For Office 2007 Home And Student

Published at 03/27/2012 22:48:40


Office 2007 is a part of the Microsoft Office Systems and the Microsoft Productivity Suite. Microsoft Office 2007 was known in the old days as Office 12, but having been modified and the modified version having been made available since January 2007, it was then given the name – Microsoft Office 2007. With the new and improved Microsoft office 2007 home and student you will be ready for anything – get access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note and others more.

Step 1

Tip 1. In recognizing the Microsoft office 2007 home and student, you will see that it contains a number of new features. The feature that is most observable is the Fluent User Interface, due to its new graphical design. What does it do? It replaces the menus and the toolbars with a tabbed toolbar. This toolbar is known as “the Ribbon” of the Microsoft office 2007 home and student. It features a button – known as “Office Button”. The latest version of Microsoft Office, has improved the version of eth Ribbon.

Step 2

Tip 2. While creating a document in Microsoft office 2007 home and student you will get to see how easy it is in creating the documents. The Ribbon is the one that will offer you help in this – it will make you spend more time writing and less time formatting. The way it presents the tools is organized and clear; it is time saving, as it has many predefined styles, graphic formats etc. Applying the existent format to the document eliminates the guesswork.

Step 3

Tip 3. Working with this Microsoft program, you can apply new looks to the documents without any problem. The buttons from the Microsoft office 2007 home and student that you should click to have these results are Quick Styles and Document Themes.

Step 4

Tip 4. Getting all the advantages out of the Microsoft office 2007 home and student, you should know that it has a very good spelling check dictionary. The new spelling checker will make it easier for you to share your documents in a professional way.

Step 5

Tip 5. Having a word document ready and as well feeling the need to have people’s approval before making it final, you will easily be able to do this with the new way of sharing documents the Microsoft office 2007 home and student provides. It ensures one the documents he is about to hand over, is all ready and fully checked. It does not allow you to finish it without solving the pending mistakes.


Tip 6. If you did not know till now, the new Microsoft office 2007 home and student, offers you a new excel experience. The features enable you to have a faster processing speed and capacities. As far as the excel concerns, there is the expandable formula bar that will allow you to see the formula in the formula bar. This way, you will be able to choose whether you want to extend or not the formula bar. Excel charts are easily updated if the relevant data is correctly entered.

Tip 7. If you have a document that was created in another word, you will have it opened in the compatibility mode for Microsoft office 2007 home and student. Anyhow, there may be some features that will not update, but there is no problem in updating them yourself. This update is done easily – by clicking the Microsoft Office Button and choosing Convert.

Tip 8. As far as the outlook on the Microsoft office 2007 home and student concerns, it provides one with the possibility of seeing attachments without opening them. Moreover, the outlook of this new and improved Microsoft office, will as well offer you the improved RSS Feed.

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