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Notre Dame's Historic Football Legacy

Published at 02/03/2012 10:39:45


Gridiron fans are always dazzled and excited when they hear the words Notre football and Fighting Irish. These words have eventually become synonymous with collegiate sports and football. No other college team is richer in history than this football team. This team has won several national titles, and it has produced numerous historical and unforgettable moments in the football field.

The Notre football program is widely known for its efficiency in producing quality players. This football college team or program has produced hundreds of players that went to the professional leagues. The University of Notre Dame has produced numerous All-Americans and NFL players throughout its existence.


  • Early years of Notre football

It was during the year 1887 when this college football team had its first college football game, and it was against Michigan State. They lost to the Michigan State in their first game, and they won their first game after a year later against the football team of Harvard University. The University Of Notre Dame Football team was able to accomplish a decent winning record that included 31 wins, 15 losses and 4 ties before the end of the 19th century. This was just an inauguration and a sign of what was to come.


  • National championships and its prominent coaches

The University of Notre Dame has claimed eleven consensus national titles. It has the second most national championships by any NCAA Division 1 team. The only team that has more championships in their division is Alabama with 12. Some experts would even say that the Fighting Irish have actually won thirteen national titles.

The first three championships were coached by Knute Rockne and the next four titles were mentored by Frank Leahy. Ara Paraseghian followed the winning tradition by winning a couple of national championships. Dan Devine and Lou Holtz were the other coaches that were able to win a national title for Notre Dame.

  • A program that builds winners

One of the primary reasons why Notre Dame Football is widely recognized around the world is its ability to produce superb players and coaches. Avid sports fanatics love winners, and there is no other collegiate football program that has compiled more winners than the Notre Dame Football program. The Fighting Irish were trained and built for winning.

Prior to the 2011 NFL draft, there was no other football program in the entire country that has produced more players that have gone to the prominent professional league called NFL. According to recent football statistics, there are 469 former collegiate players of Notre Dame that have gone pro in the National Football League. USC now holds the current record with 472 players. The Fighting Irish team also holds the record for the most number of players and coaches that are inducted in the College Football Hall of Fame with 48. Statistics do not lie, and this is a just a testament on how efficient the Notre football program is.


Brady Quinn, Tony Rice, Tim Brown, Joe Montana and George Gipp are some of the highly recognized players of the gridiron. These players also came from the football training fields of the University of Notre Dame. Notre football is definitely one of the major contributors to the success of the sport.


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