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How To Get To Airport Lauderdale

Published at 02/07/2012 18:28:54


Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, also sometimes referred to as airport lauderdale, is the South Florida area's second-largest airport, with Miami International Airport to the south the only bigger one. Airport Lauderdale offers travelers access to the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area without as much hustle and bustle as can be found at Miami International Airport. Many low-cost carriers fly through Airport Lauderdale as well, so budget travelers and vacationers appreciate this airport. First you need to actually get to Airport Lauderdale before you go anywhere. There are many ways to get to Airport Lauderdale, from the north, south and west. 

Step 1

For travelers visiting Airport Lauderdale from the south and areas like Miami, Hialeah, Kendall, Westchester, Homestead, and the Keys, traveling to Airport Lauderdale is best done via Interstate 95. You can take Interstate 95 north from Miami Dade county all the way north to Airport Lauderdale. Once you reach Broward County, keep your eyes peeled for signs for I-595 east. At around the same time you see these signs, you should see Airport Lauderdale on your right. Take the exit ramp for I-595 east, and follow it to merge onto the highway. From there, keep right, as Airport Lauderdale will approach very soon. At the end of 595, you can follow signs to merge directly into the airport. From points southwest of the airport, you may also take Florida's Turnpike north to 595, and then follow the same directions above from that point. 

Step 2

Travelers who wish to reach Airport Lauderdale from the north and areas including Fort Lauderdale, Oakland Park, Wilton Manors, Boca Raton, Lake Worth, and West Palm Beach, among others, can also take Interstate 95, in this case taking it south. The Turnpike is also an option. For either of these two options, head south on Interstate 95 or Florida's Turnpike until you reach 595. If you are on Interstate 95, as you get closer to Airport Lauderdale you will see beautiful downtown Fort Lauderdale on your left. Take the exit ramp for 595 east and merge onto the highway. From there, it's only a couple of miles before you reach the exit ramp for Airport Lauderdale. 

Step 3

When navigating to Airport Lauderdale from the west, 595 is the way to go. 595 connects Interstates 95 and 75, as well as the Sawgrass Expressway, running east to west across a large chunk of Broward County. You can take 595 east to the airport, then follow the signs from there. 


Step 4

If you run into any bumper-to-bumper traffic on any of the highways leading to the airport, don't forget that surface streets can be your best friend, especially if you're in a hurry to get to Airport Lauderdale and don't want to miss your flight or be late to pick up a loved one. You have many alternate options when it comes to this. For example, you can take Griffin Road east all the way to Airport Lauderdale. In addition, taking US 1 from anywhere north or south of Airport Lauderdale will also get you there and is a good alternate route if the highways are backed up at all.

Step 5

Most importantly, have fun and be safe on your way to Airport Lauderdale!


Be careful with the current construction on 595. This construction project is planned for several years and is wreaking havoc on traffic times in the area, especially having an effect on travelers to Airport Lauderdale. Listen to the radio and watch the news for the latest traffic when traveling to Airport Lauderdale.

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