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Florida has tons of beach cities. Florida beaches span hundreds of miles with over one thousand miles of coastline. Amongst the many beach cities in Florida, there is one in particular that is known as the best beach city. It is often referred to as “paradise.”

Overview of Top Beach City in Florida

The top beach city in the state of Florida boasts approximately 27 miles of white sandy beaches and beautiful emerald green waters. There much entertainment and gorgeous scenery to be found when visiting Panama City Beach, Florida.

With an expansive list of things to see and do, a visit to Panama City Beach would be all it takes to show you why this beach city is right on top of the list. Tons of hotels, condos and other vacation rentals are found in this beach city and year round events await your presence.

Great restaurants, tons of attractions and beach activities are some of the reasons people choose to visit Panama City Beach, Florida repeatedly. This beach city is the #1 choice for those who go on spring break and family summer vacations. Although the general population often visits Panama City Beach for vacations, it is not uncommon for many celebrities to be seen while visiting the area.

There is so much to see and do in Panama City Beach, Florida and its continued growth is why repeat visitors choose to visit this beach city over some of the others.

Top Beach City Activities and Attractions

With tons of attractions in Panama City Beach, Florida, it’s sometimes hard to make a decision on what to do first. People visit this top beach city and want to do and see it all.

Some of the most popular attractions in the area are things such as the pirate ships, animal parks, go-carts, giant slingshots and other activities that will entertain both adults and children.

You can also visit Ripley’s museum, visit a water park, swim with dolphins or see a movie at the Grand Theatre. Get lost in the mirror or grand maze, play mini-golf or take a sight-seeing trip on an airboat or helicopter. The list continues, as there are boatloads of fun activities in Panama City Beach, Florida.

After a day of fun activities you may sometimes desire a little relaxation while visiting this beach city in Florida. Relaxing isn’t hard to do when you have white sandy beaches surrounded by beautiful emerald green water. There are many quiet areas of the beach that span a good distance. You can enjoy the calm waters, visit one of the luxury spas in the area or choose a waterfront restaurant with scenic views.

Pamper yourself by sunning at the pool or enjoy a romantic night while watching the sun set over the Gulf. Panama City Beach has definitely earned its spot as top beach city in Florida.

Fun activities, great dining options and a chance to relax is what people want when going on vacation. All those things are readily available to those who visit this top beach city in Florida.


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