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5 Things You Must Know About Palm West Beach Florida


Palm west beach is one of the most exotic and must see places in United States of America. It is a hot spot for many tourists and annually hundreds and thousands of foreigners flock to Palm west beach to enjoy its vibrant and cultural atmosphere. There are many facts that mostly people don’t know about it. This article will tell you about five interesting facts or must-knows about the city. The city has been developed as a major attraction for the tourists visiting United States of America. It must be noted that it is one of the first cities that were incorporated into the South Florida. First interesting fact about the city is that it is the home of many famous people and celebrities like Serena Williams and Venus Williams whereas the popular entertainer Larry the Cable Guy is also a resident of this city.


The city was founded by Henry Flagler who built it with the purpose of making it a residential area for two large hotels here in Palm West Beach. The second interesting fact about this magnificent city is that it was first named as WESTPALMBEACH but there was a common superstition due to the fear of number “13” which resulted in rumors that the city or settlement will not flourish and hence the name was changed.


The city of Palm West Beach is the home of many historic places of United States of America. Third fact that will be interesting to those who wish to visit the city is that the City houses the Bel Air Historic District which was the residential area and housings for the people who actually built the Palm Beach County. Also another historical place that a person can find here is the Mango Promenade. This was named historical district 1995 and is given importance due to its historical significance to the history of the city. There are also many more historical places that a tourist can visit during their stay in the city. Fourth interesting fact about the city is its cultural potential. It houses the Florida Stage which was a theater company. Also In the city is the Palm Beach County Convention Center which is used for art displays and various other cultural shows in its huge 350,000 square feet space of halls and meeting rooms. Last and fifth fact about the City is that it hosts a classical auction in which antique and vintage cars are sold to the highest bidder, so those who have interest in vintage cars must visit the city.

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Palm West Beach is the ideal locality for anyone with cultural and artistic appetite and would love the way its residents and the city itself breathes and lives in art and culture. The history and its atmosphere are also extremely enticing for and welcoming to the tourists, as the city offers plenty to them to enjoy. This gem of a city will offer some great memories to those who visit it and will bring them back over and over again.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/01/2012
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