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Hotel Aska Just in Beach - Alanya


A refreshing vacation is very much required to free yourself from the daily grind of the hectic routine and dragging yourself up every morning to earn a living. Aska Just in beach is the answer which provides you complete relaxation, peace of mind, body and soul, also entertainment, amusement and luxury. Your stay in hotel Aska just in beach includes exciting night life, happening beaches, bonfires, music, dancers, cocktails along with images of tropical sunsets flash through your mind; you can feel the grains of white sand in your feet, and fresh, pure azure blue skies come to mind, all looped into one picture. Imagine having all of these things all in one place, which makes it a dream come true and a trip to remember at Aska just in beach. You can have so much fun soaking in the sun on this trip!


Aska just in beach is located in the city of Alanya, which is a beach resort city situated in the country of Turkey. The hotel in turn is located 25 kilometers from Alanya and just about 50 metres to the beach. Its Mediterranean typical climate is what attracts the tourists and its natural topography with mountains as well plus the historical heritage and filled with culture is what attracts the tourists from all over the world.


Hotel Aska just in beach is one of the best hotels in the whole of Alanya in Turkey. It has numerous facilities to provide its customers, for example a luxurious restaurant with lavish cuisines different from one another, a 24-hour front desk and open bar and constant air conditioning. It is a hotel complete for family fun which includes activities such as a fitness centre, sauna and séance centre to relieve the stress you have brought from your daily routine, massage centers to again relax you and your inner frustration, Turkish and steam bath facilitated with an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool. Tennis and table tennis courts are also present there for the children’s entertainment. Internet service of wifi is a facility offered for again 24 hours and free of charge as well. Shops with different souvenirs of the beach are also there where the tourists can look around to take memories of the beach with them. The facilities of laundry and car hires are also offered. Billiard, water sports on the beach, volleyball are the sports facilities offered. The hotel contains around 250 rooms, each having an eye-opening view with a minibar and fully equipped with the necessary items.

Tips and comments

It is advisable to book your rooms for hotel aska just in beach and car hires via Internet because it greatly saves time through websites offering great discounts making sure your credit cards match the accepted credit cards list of the hotel. Before booking the room it is important that you check your room and its conditions since the cancellation of rooms very according to which room you have hired. Check in and check out timings should also be considered.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/01/2012
   Rating: 4/5 (10 votes)
Hotel Aska Just in Beach - Alanya. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.