Get the Best Deals For Beach in Barcelona
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Get the Best Deals For Beach in Barcelona

Published at 02/07/2012 21:56:23


Get the Best Deals For Beach in Barcelona

Barcelona’s beaches are its major attraction and in 2011 Barcelona was named the best beach city in the world by National Geographic magazine. Since the 1992 Olympics Barcelona has become a top beach city to the delight of both residents and tourists who can enjoy up to 5 km of beaches stretching from Barcelona's harbor up the coast all the way to Port Forum marina. It is the aim of Barcelona to make every beach in the city something to look at. Quite successful they are too; every beach in Barcelona is a spectacle in itself and has characteristics different than sister beaches.

Step 1

It takes about 10-20 minutes by public transport from the city centre of Barcelona to get down to the Mediterranean Sea. While exploring a beach in Barcelona, it is important to be getting best deals for accommodation, transport and location. You want something affordable and comfortable since you are on holiday and would rather be lying on that glorious beach in your vicinity than sitting in a fancy room changing TV channels. Rest assured please, hotels are not the only option; Barcelona offers favorable options such as holiday apartments, aparthotels and hostels.

Step 2

What tourists don’t think about is how favorable an apartment hotel can be at the same price as a hotel. There is more space and a homely surrounding. You can cook, do laundry all by yourself. This is the best option if you have a large family or group of friends. Apart-hotels are a new development, as in apartment within hotel. It is cost effective and at nicer locations than most apartments. You will see the beautiful shoreline of the nearest beach in the distance. It is also advised to book 2 to 3 months in advance. This will ensure you get the best deals and nicer views at low cost.

Step 3

The Hotel Front Maritim is one moderately priced hotel that is close to the beach in Barcelona but about 20 minutes by metro ride to the centre of Barcelona. ARISTOL and Hotel del Mar are the highest rated beach hotels in Barcelona but can be a tad bit expensive, so can the Hilton chain. If you don’t mind walking a bit to the beach there are myriads of smaller centrally located hotels.


Get the Best Deals For Beach in Barcelona

When you have decided where to stay during your visit, it is better to decide next what sort of beach in Barcelona you will prefer. The most famous is the Barceloneta which is like a central hub too, close to the city and bustling with people, restaurants and beach bars. The Mar Bella Beach is for those who like water sports. In the south, a noteworthy beach is Casteldefells - five kilometers of wide continuous sand within 15 minutes of a train ride from town. It is easy to get to and great for kids, as the walk from the nearby station of Platja de Casteldefells to the beach is just 50 meters. Beaches in Barcelona are all beautiful and worth your time and money so it all depends on which glorious beach meets your preference.

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