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The Five Best Hotels in Beachwood Ohio


Beachwood is a nice area for the people who are on business or relaxing. It has some of the top hotels and accommodation facilities that allow one to have access to some of the excellent services. One of the ways to gain access to the Beachwood facilities is through using the online channel or by getting referrals from people who have once visited the facility. It is advisable for one to make sure that they get the best and most reliable facilities. Below is a list of the five best hotels in Beachwood.

Step 1

Hampton Inn and Suites Cleveland

This Beachwood hotel is located at the heart of the city and gives one the full opportunity to enjoy the best facilities in terms of convenience, security, and easy access to the urban areas. This place is filled with well-furnished rooms, different restaurants and most importantly, the facility is clean and gives the user the parking spot, which is rare to find this part of Beachwood.

Other facilities offered at the area include breakfast, access to clean drinking water, entertainment unit, large rooms with sitting area, unlimited internet connection amongst other services. The rates are high but when one makes the booking during the low season, they have the chance to access discounts.

Step 2

Fairfield Inn And Suites- Beachwood

People who want the Beachwood facilities that are not crowded and not located in the middle of the town area need to have a look at this facility. They have large suites and have heated rooms, provision of clean drinking water, the guests have the chance to get fruits all day long, large rooms, and access to the balcony, the roof top area is good for people who want to relax and they offer good parking spots.

Step 3

Hilton Cleveland East Beachwood

People who are in the east Beachwood area have the opportunity to visit this facility and they get the top of the range services. The rooms are fully furnished giving one direct access to the balconies, have high security measures in place, clean rooms with the latest furnishings and a good customer care team. It is one of the luxurious hotels in Beachwood hence the need to place the booking for the facility early to avoid missing the spot.

Oakwood at the Hamptons

People searching for a quite place to relax while on holiday or business in Beachwood, need to visit this facility and get ready for the best treatment. It is located in the outskirts of the city and has good security measures in place and to top it all it has easy access to the city. Some of the service offered includes daycare for people who have children, a nice restaurant and gives food upon request, security patrols round the clock, and a large compound.


Embassy Hotels Cleveland

Beachwood is one of the places that has nice hotels and this one in particular meets the needs of the people who want to enjoy the top of the world facilities. The services offered include nice breakfast, fresh fruits, access to drinking water, unlimited internet connection, security, access to swimming pools, sauna, and arranged transport facilities.

By Raphael Raphael, published at 04/05/2012
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