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Located on North Shore Drive in Chicago, Illinois you will find Oak Street Beach. Being on the shore of Lake Michigan, Oak Street Beach is just one of many Chicago beaches. The beach area spans from the area right around the 500 block to the 1500 block of North Lake Shore Drive.


Managed by the Chicago Park District, Oak Street Beach was founded in the 1800’s. It began as a simple lake shore with a slope that went from Oak Street to the Chicago River. Over time, the land began to come up out of the water and it became the residence of many squatters in the local area.

The formation of Oak Street Beach occurred due to sand that was washing up against the North Side around the Streeterville area. This beach area was originally controlled by the Lincoln Park District up until 1934. That was when Lincoln Park District merged with Chicago Park District who now owns and controls the beach area.

All through the 1960’s, the sandy area of Oak Street began to coverage much of the surrounding area. This location became a popular summer social place for local residents and a vacation destination for tourists. Oak Street Beach is now one of the most popular beaches in Chicago, Illinois and it is close to the downtown area. Visitors still flock to the area during the summer months.


This beach is one of 26 beaches located in Chicago and is in one of the Gold Coast areas. From the beach you can enjoy great views of downtown Chicago and other websites in the area. Anytime the weather is pleasant, you can expect to see people strolling along the beach. Summertime is popular for those who love to swim in the waters of Lake Michigan. Summertime also brings many sunbathers that bask along the wide sandy beach. It can become quite crowded and finding a weekend spot to bask can be quite difficult during that time.

Common activities you may see on Oak Street Beach are volleyball games in progress, bicyclists, roller bladders, and joggers. When things get quiet, many love to walk along the beach so they can view the beautiful city lights. Oak Street Beach welcomes dogs to come along and stroll as well. There are public restrooms available for guests and various concessions areas. The most popular dining area is the Oak Street Bistro where you can grab a burger or drink. The beach is easiest accessed through the pedestrian tunnels that are located at Oak Street with some being on Division Street.

There are several nearby hotels and restaurants as well as some downtown shopping. The Magnificent Mile is nearby and boasts a boulevard full of shops, restaurants, museums and luxury hotels. As if that isn’t enough to keep you busy, you may want to visit one of the most famous buildings in Chicago. the Wrigley Building. This 1920’s structure is the corporate headquarters for the Wrigley Company that makes chewing gum. A visit to Oak Street Beach in Chicago, Illinois can provide you with some relaxing and exciting moments as you rest on the beach in the day and view the great websites at night.

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