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How To Find the Perfect Beach For Your Honeymoon


A honeymoon is a special time for couples. It is a chance for them to be together and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Many couples choose to visit the beach for vacations and to spend their honeymoons tanning, playing in the sand and water and enjoying water sports. Before booking your vacation, it is important to find the the perfect beach for your honeymoon.

Step 1

Research various beaches and vacation destinations to determine the best beach for you and your spouse. If you are interested in a certain destination, research the different beaches in the area. Some areas have private beaches, others have public beaches. Some cities charge a fee to access the beach and others allow the public free beach access. You should also check out the condition of the beaches. Some beaches are not well maintained and may be dirty and unsafe. Water quality can also be a safety issue. If the water is polluted or unclean, it can make swimmers and waders sick. Most areas offer daily updates and information about water quality, weather and beach safety on their public access television station or local radio stations.

Consider visiting travel website to find reviews on beaches and destinations. You can also use a search engine to find the top beaches in an area. If you have a local travel agency such as AAA, visit the agency and ask for a travel book that corresponds to the destination or beach you plan to attend. You can also ask the travel agents at the agency to recommend a good beach for your honeymoon.


Step 2

Choose a hotel to stay at near the beach where you wish to honeymoon. If you are flying to the destination and will not be renting a car, you may want to find hotel within walking distance to the beach. If the beach requires a fee to use it each day, talk with the hotel staff to find out if they offer any beach packages or deals. Some hotels may include a few free passes that allow you to access the beach for free. Other will offer discount coupons that allow you to access the beach for a cheaper price. Compare the rates, amenities and location of several hotels to find the one you like best. You should also choose a hotel that is located near grocery stores, restaurants and other useful places.

Step 3

Decide the types of activities or attractions you would like to participate in while you are on your honeymoon and choose a beach that offers them. You can research various beaches and destinations online to find the beach areas that offer them. Consider well-known attractions such as Disney World and Bush Gardens. You may also be interested in smaller attractions such as horseback riding or parasailing. These type of activities are offered on most beaches, but may need to be located one you have arrived at your destination. Travel centers, rest areas and hotel lobbies often have brochures and coupon books that advertise the various attractions in the area. These advertisements can not only help familiarize you with the activities in the area, but can also help you save money on them.



Choose a beach an area you are familiar with for safety and convenience reasons.

Ask friends and family members to recommend a beach for your honeymoon.

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