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Beach Vero is a beautiful coastal town in central Florida. The Beach Vero is the county seat for the Indian River County which encompasses five towns. It has ample to offer to the residents as well as the holidaymakers with amenities such as Hotels, shopping, restaurants and entertainment, community information and recreation.


Settlement started in the Vero Beach around the mid 1840’s and the area in its proximity which eventually became Indian River county later where growth was already thriving. Vero was chartered as a town in 1919 and soon the area was fully urbanized.


There are many things that the beach Vero has to offer. However we will talk about the best five. The Beach Vero’s opera presents many operatic concerts which include metropolitan opera stars so it is worth experiencing to see it yourself if you visit the place. The Indian River County is one of the best places to come for shopping here it has something or another to offer to all. It has various boutiques, brand stores and other corporate stores. You will come across some of your favorite stores such as Target, Barnes and Noble and Marshalls. Shopaholics love to spend the entire day here strolling around in the shops. North of the ocean drive in the beach Vero is a small restaurant seaside grill which is one of the best for breakfast and will satisfy your taste buds acceptingly .You can sit outside and enjoy the breeze and sunshine and feel refreshed here. If you are a party animal and you love night life you can go to Riverside café. They have beers, wine and eateries that you love bars and much more and the café is fairly active on the weekends. It gives you a chance to socialize with other people. Those who want to settle here purchase a house and pursue studying in the vicinity they must visit the education system in the beach Vero which has some very good universities and colleges and among them are Florida Institute of Technology and Barry University. How could we possibly forget the food lovers?? If you want to dine out in beach Vero then Cobalt restaurant is the place for you. It is the true definition of timeless sophistication and elegance with the view of the Atlantic Ocean. The pizza lovers can always go to Pizzoodle’s for best pizza they have ever had in their life. It claims expertise in Pizza for pizza lovers which will stay in your taste bud for a long time. The roman cists that are looking forward to get married here can come to the Disney’s Vero’s beach resort for weddings, conventions and other social gatherings. Disney cast members attend to all your services here if you plan something with them including catering to ensure that your event is flawless.

Tips and comments

You should definitely arrange an economical way to deal with transportation here even though it is close to major cities it still has major transportation issues. If you want to invest in purchasing a house here then now is the time since real estate is much cheaper currently. The crime rate in Vero Beach is fairly low so you will be safe here .It has that a friendly environment and it isn’t worth missing for anything.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/01/2012
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