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Free Beach Entertainment

Published at 02/01/2012 16:08:33


Free Beach Entertainment

Who doesn’t like to enjoy the serene environment of pristine beaches and lush greenery surrounding beaches? Moreover, to acquire this luxury free of any cost is a wonder. Today, there are quite a few free beach packages but those few are enough to satisfy your soul.


In the past, it was necessary to have a pass to enjoy something which is a bestowment of nature but recently many free beach organizations have nullified this frustrating tradition. Now people can enjoy a walk on the beach without worrying about passes or fees. Some of the marvelous beaches, which are the pioneers of free beach policy, are Myrtle Beach, Beach Village and Shaw’s Cove.


Myrtle Beach is phenomenal. People of all age groups are able to enjoy a free beach entertainment. But many tourists and traveling agencies have pronounced this beach, an ideal beach for the kids, because the activities, which are for free, dazzle the kids! The parents have to drag their children away from this beach at night. Alabama Theatre at this beach gives away free tickets to the children between the age groups eight and sixteen. It’s not necessary for the parents to escort the kids in the theatre as it screens appropriate films. But this theatre is only open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. So before going to this beach keep in mind the days on which it is open. There are other exciting free beach activities for the kids like drawing competition, music lessons and music concerts. There is also a zoo over there and the animals entertain the kids with their eccentric tricks. The Beach Village is known for a more somber and placid environment. It is the only free beach which is considered as the best place to get a tan. Teenagers and men amuse themselves by arranging a volleyball or hand ball match. This beach is also renowned for its spectacular gazebos and divine food, which is not for free but is close to being free. If you ever visit this beach at the night time you’ll come to know what romance actually is! There can’t be better protagonists in a love story than the waves and moonlight. The timing is also quite reasonable. You don’t have to rush in and out. One can enjoy himself until midnight. The one word which describes the Shaw’s Cove is: astounding. This is a free beach in every sense. The parking is free, the snacks are for free and you don’t even have to pay for the amazing view seen from the gazebo. This is a supreme place for a family to spend their day. Shaw’s cove is also known for its spectacular marine life. This beach is also at a walking distance from the guest houses. In short this beach woos the hearts by its picturesque greenery and cozy environment.

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Therefore, if you are a little short on money and are looking for a cheap place to enjoy yourself, these beaches are the solution to your dilemma.