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What Is a Popular Florida Beach Free Of Crowds


Home to the greatest beach resorts and Disney theme parks, Florida has become 2011’s number one choice for spring break during vacations. That is not all; the state is also becoming extensively popular for summer and other warm vacations. Florida is a state rich in culture and heritage with most of the culture inherited from Native American, European American, African American and Hispanic descendants. Much of the state is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and hence has lots of exotic sandy beaches. It may be difficult to a find a beach free of crowd during the peak tourist seasons like summer and spring but it is possible. You may not even find the beach free of crowd at night during summer time.


Florida beaches are known for having soft sand, excellent shelling and thrilling waves that are great for surfing. You can snorkel, dive and fish a few miles from the coast and spend a nice relaxing evening in any one of them. However, if you want to be at a beach free of noise and crowds and also having enough space to move around, then you better get your research done. Remember this, during spring break you can forget about being alone at the beach, since you will find teens and adults partying and drinking all day and night during the warm season from all over the country. Visit “Vero Beach” along river county Florida, which is great for kayaking and strolling in the early mornings. Here, in the town of a population of roughly over 21000, the lights are off by 10p.m and most of the beaches are filled with people just looking to relax. Even during summers you will find the beaches a little less crowded. It is a great place to go for jogging in the morning and you will Capt Hirams, just ten miles up the town, which is a popular fishing spot.


If you are looking for something quiet and romantic then go for lover’s key beach. For years the beach was not easily accessible and they said that only lovers would want to travel to Lovers key beach free of any kind disturbance or interruptions for lovers and to enjoy just amazing sunsets and isolation. Today it is a popular beach resort and a haven for wildlife with manatees, dolphins and bald eagles. Easily reachable through car and boardwalks the two mile beach is the most romantic place for couples to enjoy a quiet vacation.

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Of course size does matter. If you have a larger beach area then you are more likely to feel that the beach is less crowded. The Canaveral National Seashore stretches out to 23 miles of sand and is divided into a number of beaches. Here you will find the beach free of cars, crowds, surf shops, rental shops, coffee shops or huts and is the perfect place to just lie down on the sand and relax. The beaches here include Apollo, Playalinda and Klondike. So if you are planning to go for fishing, rafting or surfing then you will have to drag yourself from the miles away parking lot to the warm clear waters.

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