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Beach To Forest: Compare Vacations


Nature is one beauty that every individual adores. Be it the high, snow capped peaks of the mountains or the lush green trees that fill the area around you, to the beach to perhaps the just the sound of the rain splashing your windows; you know you always have the time and taste for the wonders of nature. There are a number of beaches that are home to some of the most fascinating resorts of today. Often, however, you would find that walking from the beach to the nearby areas would take you to nearby existing forests. So, where to enjoy the vacations- in between the woody forests with birds chirping in the open sky or on the beach where the water hits the shore as if playing with it?


The first question to ask oneself is: where exactly do I want to go for a vacation? Is it Africa, Asia, South America, North America or Australia that I want to experience? Where ever one goes, one thing is for sure, one would definitely visit the picturesque beauties starting from the beach to the forests, to the parks in the areas. In America, the Bahia Honda State Park in Florida is a good place to spend vacations in. Calusa, which is the smallest beach located on the island is a good attraction for tourists all over. Additionally, the Navarre Beach in Florida is a prominent visitor’s point as well. Other than that, there are many different sandy areas in the park which provide for a perfect environment comprising of a sea. Moving forwards, beaches in Hawaii are a favorite spot for most of the on lookers. Rather, people go to Hawaii to enjoy vacations near the sea; dining around the sea, swimming, dancing and what not! The Hulopo’s Beach in Hawaii as well as the Kauna’oa Bay over there are only few of the beaches in the long list of must-visit beaches. And of course, how can you miss the beaches in Australia. A recommended place is the Victoria’s Great Ocean Road, which is a meeting point for beaches, seaside towns, whale lookouts and Twelve Apostles.


But for some, forests and wild trees are more sacred than any other aspect of nature. They believe that man is just another part of the jungle; that is where his origin dates back to. Camping in the forests for vacations as opposed to beaches is preferred by many. Observing the intricate patterns of the mountain-sized trees, the power of the ground shrubs is far more appealing for them rather than strolling on the beach to spend their hard earned holidays. Within America, commonly used names in the forest tourism are the Finger Lakes National Forest in New York, the Ouachita National Forest in Oklahoma, the Allegheny National Forest in Pennsylvania. Likewise, in Australia you may find forests such as the Brisbane Forest Park, the Sydney Turpentine –Ironbark Forest and the Wielangta Forest.

Tips and comments

It may appear that vacations in forests would be boring, contrary to those at the beaches, but those who have an interest for plant life and are curious about the growth and types of plants, will definitely prefer to spend their holidays camping in forests rather than going from the beach to observe the sealife.

By Amara, published at 02/01/2012
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