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The Best Beach On the East Coast


Beaches in any part of the world are a popular go-to place for families, groups of friends, couples, or even single individuals. Every person has a separate reason to go for, of course, but at the end of the day, it may be an influence from the media in terms of movies making the beach a “romantic spot” or tourism industries making beaches an ideal for the “perfect family vacation” destination. Beaches are considered to be a significant feature of the overall ecosystem of any given place. Just about every beach on the east coast has gained popularity in the past few decades because of improvement in communication, marketing strategies, or a general shift in the patterns of people who now turn to family time as their safe haven.


Beaches on the east coast include various different beaches, each having their own special attributes. Most people tend to go to the nearest beach to where they live, but some like to take road trips to go to a specific beach. May it be for its white sand and warm waters perfect for a swim in a hot summer afternoon, or just walking along the crescent shaped shore with your loved one, it could also be a get together with friends for BBQ, parties, birthdays, or even weddings! In these cases, one finds the perfect beach on the east coast to go to, and this article will provide you with the best beach on the east coast.


The most popular beach on the east coast is Hampton Beach in New Hampshire. This beach provides the best food, along with many activities like games. It’s mostly popular amongst young groups of friends, or families with kids. There are concerts from time to time at the seashell amphitheatre, and with the wide sandy area, it is an ideal place to run around. This beach has gained immense popularity, and people drive for hours just to spend a day at this beach. I'ts close to small scale hotels that provide you with the option of staying a night, and then travelling on the next day. Hampton beach is the perfect setting that fits every mood. For the people who want a crowd, and for those who want a little more deserted area for a quiet walk, can go on the other side of it. Hampton Beach has trained body guards for the safety of your kids. It also has a marking for the level of water in terms of its deepness that one is allowed to go. It also has a separate section to shower after off the sand after you swim and a separate are to change. Overall, Hampton Beach provides you with all types of entertainment at one beach.

Tips and comments

This is the part where we remind you of the most basic things that one tends to over look with all the excitement going on with planning a trip. Make sure to check the weather forecast of the dates you plan on going to the beach. There’s no point of swimming and “sunbathing” without the sun shining down on you. Consider keeping a first aid kit with you, especially if you’re going with family. The kit should include swabs, bandages, and an ointment for cuts and scrapes. To make your trip memorable, carry a camera and an extra battery, since it’s the beach, finding an electrical outlet for charging is next to impossible. Make sure to take an extra set of clothes and a towel.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/01/2012
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