Taking on Beach Travel
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Taking on Beach Travel

Published at 02/06/2012 20:07:16


Taking on Beach Travel

The title of this article might seem like beach travel is something you have to combat, fight and overcome. But let’s be honest most of us would be happy to let a beach vacation win us over and defeat us with its charm. The beach, white sand, blue waters and sunshine are what most of think about when thinking of a stereotypical holiday. And there is good reason that beach travel has become so associated with holidays, vacations, relaxation and having a good time. The reason simply is that beach travel is all those things especially if you live in a cold, wet gloomy place like Minnesota or Holland.


The idea of going on beach travel for leisure has been around for a long time and probably experts in medieval and ancient history can show us examples of kings, queens and pharaohs going to the beach for holidays. Our modern idea of beach travel originates from the Victorian England. It was during the Victorians years that people of the middle class and to some extent lower class, as well, started to go on holiday. For the Victorians the ideal place to spend a few days during the summer was at a beach. This beach travel was almost all entirely to locations inside the United Kingdom; mostly to the Welsh and English coasts. Two very popular beach travel destinations during the Victorian era were Blackpool and Southend. It from this period that we get our ideas of a traditional English summer holiday. The imagery that is so common would include children playing on the sandy beach with small spades and a bucket, all the while the blue sea in the background. Punch and Judy children’s puppet shows are also a product of the Victorian beach holiday which many children to this day still read about in stories if not attend.


But that is mostly all gone now and with the relative cheapness of air travel these days people prefer to go to beaches which are located in slightly warmer climates. Most British people now prefer the beaches of southern France, Italy, Croatia, Thailand, Tahiti, Canary Islands, and the list goes on. One of the world’s most beautiful and sought after beach holiday destinations is in the Seychelles. Seychelles is the kind of place that President Obama likes to spend time at when he wants to get away from the duties of running the world’s most militarily powerful country. So if Seychelles can help Mr. Obama relax and take his mind of things then we can be sure that it will do the same for the rest of us.

Tips and comments

Beach travel has been around since the 1700s when the Victorians made it a central part of their culture to spend time at the beach. In those days the British working class people would travel to the Welsh and English coasts to enjoy the ocean. Since then the beach travel has become more extensive and international with people flying sometimes half way around the globe to get to their desired holiday destination. It is important that you remember to take a towel with you when going on long distance beach travel as the towels might be in short supply. Also, when going on a beach holiday always remember to wear sunglasses and sunscreen.