Discover Great Deals For South Beach
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Discover Great Deals For South Beach

Published at 02/07/2012 16:57:41


Discover Great Deals For South Beach

The best way to spend your vacations is by immersing yourself completely in the South Beach (Miami, Florida) experience. Especially during winters when the whole Northern Hemisphere suffers from extreme cold, Southern Beach remains blessed by clear skies and a warm sun. And if you were a Baywatch fan, then you must at least pay homage to one of the best beaches in the world. If you are looking forward to all this and to enjoy Sand, Sea, and the Sun, keep reading, as we'll let you in on the special deals for spending a great vacation in South Beach. The best part is that there is no discrimination regarding sexual preference, race, or gender in most of the Hotels in Miami.

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To accommodate different types of personalities, Miami Tourism industry has created multifarious packages, to meet their specific needs. You can find many deals on, and, where the hotels are classified into two main groups, one preferred by American tourists and the other by International Tourists. This portal is linked with many other Tourism sites, and provides the user with a full detail, comparison charts between different hotels, reviews, and also you can search by selecting a price range that is within your budget. Dream South Beach provides a Modern Art-Deco ambience and offers $319 as the lowest price for a room (per night). Apart from this it is also near the airport so you will not have to pay too much for hailing a cab or some car rental service (also provided by the Hotel).

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The Perry South Beach Hotel reflects the luxury and sophistication for which Miami is known worldwide. It has a beautiful beachfront, exquisite resort, and one of the best spas. Its 340 rooms are famous for their spaciousness. The prices start from $499 per night. The Angler's Boutique Resort is also among the most highly rated places for staying in South Beach. It is a 4 star hotel, famous for its unassuming and relaxing environment. It charges $499 for a single room per night (with a king size bed).

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The Hotel of South Beach offers similar environment and services, but is more reasonable, as its room goes for $345 per night. Mondrian South Beach is another option, with a price of almost $430. You can also opt for Miami Beach Rentals, which provide Beach homes on rent rather than living in hotels. This can turn out to be a more adventurous, and quite a reasonable enterprise. For one bedroom, which accommodates four, and a bathroom goes for $69-$129 per night (some have minimum three nights condition).


Discover Great Deals For South Beach

Before planning your whole trip on the basis of the prices mentioned, you must carefully read the terms and conditions, and also make sure to check out the hidden costs (i.e. Taxes, Service Charges, etc). You can also go for All-Inclusive deals for South Beach offered by many of the resorts and hotels in Miami. And one last thing, before packing your bags do check out the weather forecast, as you would not want to be standing in your swimming costume, by the pool and sweating from head to toe.

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