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The Top Rated Beach on the Big Island, Hawaii

Published at 02/04/2012 03:15:59


There are some people who would love to spend the whole afternoon just sitting back and relaxing in front of a beautiful view of the ocean with the sand beneath your feet. If you are one of those people, then you might want to know what the top rated beach on the big island, Hawaii would be. This can be a difficult task to accomplish, especially since there are a lot of different quality beaches on this beautiful island.


A beach on the island of Hawaii that you might want to consider is the Hanalei Bay Beach. This beach boasts of having one of the most spectacular views in the island due to its semi-circle white sand bay, which some people would consider to be perfectly shaped. The view is further enhanced due to the beautiful waterfall backdrop that is surrounded by the mist-wrapped mountain peaks of the island. This view can be viewed even from a considerable distance, making it very breathtaking even from afar. This is a great place where you can go windsurfing, boating, or kayaking because there is the Hanalei river that you can go up on. This is also great for swimming and fishing.


Another beach on the island that is worth noting is the Lanikai Beach. This particular beach is considered by a lot of people as a photographer’s utopia. Basically, this beach on the island has pristine clear waters, beautiful coconut trees that sway along the breeze, a wide and clean beach, and beautiful white sand, all of which are great subjects for photographers. This beach on the island provides you with a great place to relax and unwind. It is great for sunbathing, and taking pictures. You can also do a lot of other exciting activities as well, such as kayaking, sailing, windsurfing and swimming.

The Papohaku Beach is another beach on the island that boasts of a great stretch of beach property that you can enjoy yourselves in. It is teeming with wildlife, such as sea birds and crabs that skitter about. This place is pretty empty, but the water is to die for. This beach on the island is one of those beaches where you can go swimming, surfing, snorkeling and body boarding or body surfing. This is a great place where you can go to escape to.

Tips and comments

If you are interested in some history, then the beach on the island that you would want to visit is the Hulopoe Beach. This beach is known as the “Pineapple Island” due to the fact that it used to grow the pineapples that the Dole Company use for their products. Nowadays, it is a secluded and remote beach that is perfect for a weekend getaway for you and your family.

Although picking the best beach on the island can be tough, there are a lot of choices that you can never go on wrong in picking. As long as you find that it is the type of beach that has something to offer you, then it probably is the beach for you.