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California is an American state and is one of the most populated ones as well; it is amongst the fifty most populated cities. It has a Mediterranean and a subarctic climate however; it is more Mediterranean which means cooler and rainy winters along with drier summers. The northern part has a higher rate of rainfall than the southern part and this can be because of the mountain ranges present in the state, which influence the climate. Due to the rain shadow present in the eastern side, due to the mountain ranges, this side of California is rich in deserts which have extreme hot summers and cooler winters. You should plan a vacation to any CA beach which is best suitable to your holiday plan.


The southern California is rich in beautiful beaches that are among the best ones which one should visit at least once in his lifetime. Starting with the Laguna Beach, it is located in the orange country. Laguna is a town which is quite rich in culture and is famous, not only for its culture, but also for its beach. The water here is very clean and soothing, and the sand is clean and white. The CA beach is perfect for a volleyball match and if you are not that sporty you can just enjoy the view as well, since it is a perfect place if you want to relax a bit.


Moving on to Coronado, it is a tourist destination, which is at least a century old and is perfect for those who like to swim, surf or just sit on the sand and make sand castles. Once you are there you will notice a lot of surfers, because the water is very calm and is perfect for surfing therefore, the CA beach attracts many sport loving vacationers looking for adventure. El matador beach is another famous beach, this is the perfect place to enjoy your time and relax after a long tiring week with work load or home pressures. All you can do is sit in your beach chair and enjoy the perfect picturesque view of the breathtaking beach. If you still need to work you can bring your laptop along and work along with enjoying the perfect view which can soothe any soul. Following suit is the Venice beach, which is different from other beaches as it has its own urban street circus with weightlifters, sand sculptors, hoopsters and artists and a lot more. It is a perfect place to visit if you want to fully enjoy your vacations, because this beach will provide you with the required fun and entertainment you need with all sorts of fast food and flea markets.

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The Newport Beach is another CA beach which has always remained a favorite for all beach lovers. Because of its beautiful view and amazing shopping, it is an ideal place to enjoy your coveted vacation as it has everything which one dreams to have on a beach. Therefore, choose any of the above beaches and enjoy your vacations.

By Amara, published at 02/07/2012
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