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Advantages Of Stay And Cruise Vacations


If you really want to go for a vacation or holiday, the there is nothing better than a stay and cruise vacation. It is a precise trip or sea journey, and meant for total recreation on tourism. People go for vacations and fail to plan properly or search for an exact destination, it is then that the stay and cruise vacation should be planned. These types of vacations are uniquely spent with friends or your family.

These vacations are often taken when a person may decide to take a long break from normal life or daily work, may be even during a career break.


The notion of stay and cruise vacations are not a current invention, but have been specific during the last two centuries. The initiative or the concept of travel by sea and recreation was a lavishness of wealthy people alone. During the Puritan culture of America, taking off for a few days from work for enjoyment or recreation other than weekly celebration of the Sabbath, was looked down upon. The recent perception of vacation was later led by a religious movement which encouraged recreation for a spiritual reason. This notion of taking a break from work occasionally actually started among the middle as well as working class.


When you plan for a stay and cruise vacations planner there are best travel deals as well as tips available online for an economical vacation. There are plenty of astounding cruises which may charge around $800 for a cruise ride which will include port fees and taxes too. This is about $100 for a day. These stay and cruise vacations are really entertaining. Often when the cruise touches the shores, you can go and visit the cities along the seaside. Remaining inside the cruise is also unique and luxurious. The rooms are elegantly decorated with maximum comfort. There are several activities held on the deck when the sun is high up, yet not hot. There are banquet halls where food, dance, drinks are aplenty. This sort of a trip suits a honeymoon couple, the best, though families find it entertaining too.

Tips and comments

It is indeed great to plan your stay and cruise vacation, but keep in mind several factors before you plan such a vacation.

Keeping healthy on a cruise is an important process. Mentally one should start the preparation for a vigorous cruise ride. You must check the cruise’s facilities before booking a stay and cruise vacation. Firstly, check the sanitation facilities, and then check the disease control and prevention system. These are looked after by experts, still one must ask for things like disinfection, pest control, swimming pools, safety issues and if the crews are well trained or not. One can always check the ship’s score online in order to decide. Immunizations should be done before the journey. You should carry safety medicines, painkillers, medicines for nausea. Never consume half cooked food, wash your hands ritually. Your safety lies in your hands. So, go and enjoy and have a good tme. 

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