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How Much Does a Cruise Disney Cost?


We all know how Disney is always ready to make our dreams come true and just promise us a rocking stay at any of their resorts and theme parks. They can always promise you a rocking and thrilling vacation. For nearly two decades now Disney has also been interested in making your travel around the world more pleasurable. If you are planning to go on a cruise Disney is surely a suited guider for you. The Disney Cruise line is definitely an amazing choice to go with and they just like it even better when you stay at their resort and visit their parks that promise to make your cruise ever so magical. When you join them on a cruise Disney offers you a customized and selective package to make your vacation exactly as you want. The ships are designed just like Disney land and kid’s paradise. You will experience premier service as a guest with all luxury and premium facilities like pools, casinos, night clubs, character greetings, night shows , adult lounges and themed youth clubs for ages from 3-17.


So if you are wondering how much it would cost you to join a cruise Disney is willing to help you with your first need to understand how they price and cost your stay with them. All the cruises are price based on two adults staying in a stateroom. Even if you are just one adult with a child you will be still be charged as two adults. The third and fourth person is then charged at a lower rate than you if they are accompanying you. Staterooms are specifically designed and configured for families with lots of extra storage space and split bathrooms so there are no worries about sharing space or the room getting too crowded. If you are travelling alone you will be charged up to 75% of the second adult cruise fare (this does not include tax and port fees). So you can pretty much say these cruises are not for travelling alone. As far as it comes to how kids are charged, then kids aged 13-17 are charged as adults and children aged 3-12 have special child rates. A toddler up to age 2 is charged 50% of the child fee.


Now the second influence on the cost of your cruise Disney is charging you according to the time you choose to travel. Just like any other vacation spot or island Disney cruise also has a high and low season. The low seasons cost you far less than the high season. In fact, you may have to keep yourself on the waiting list during the high season and hope someone cancels their reservation so you have a chance on getting on board. One of the highest (peak) seasons is when kids are out of schools and free for travel. Disney offers Europe only during the summer so high season would be June-August. Also during this season the cruise limit the number of children on board and the staterooms built for families fill up quick.

Tips and comments

Other than this shoulder or low season would depend on the weather of the destination and holiday seasons. It is nearly impossible to tell you how much for a cruise Disney would charge. But these guidelines help you understand how high or low you will be paying for your cruise vacation. It is as they say, the sweeter the deal, the pricier the package.

By Amara, published at 02/01/2012
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