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These days there are so many ways to travel and see the world. One has the option of taking a road trip, an all-inclusive vacation to a destination down south, a coach line tour of multiple countries in Europe, a train trip across Russia or India or a city break of any city in the world. There is also the option to cruise. There are Alaskan Cruises, Mediterranean cruises, Caribbean cruises and cruises along various rivers around the world. A cruise allows a traveler to have a base onboard a large ship that travels from port to port on a specific itinerary allowing guests to see a number of different places on one trip. Cruises are very popular these days because they can be quite affordable. There are many companies providing these types of cruises but the one we will talk about today is Norwegian Cruise Lines.


Norwegian Cruise Lines is located in Florida and officially began operations in 1966. Since than, the company has grown to a large fleet of world-class cruise Norwegian ships that sail to various destinations around the world. Norwegian Cruise Lines sail to many places including Alaska, Bahamas, Florida, Bermuda, Panama Canal, Pacific Coast, Mexican Riviera, Canada, New England, Caribbean, Europe and Hawaii. Included in Norwegian Cruise Lines fleet are popular ships like the Norwegian Sun, The Norwegian Pearl, Norwegian Sky, Norwegian Daw, Norwegian Epic and Pride of America. These ships and many more depart various cities around the world including Barcelona, Boston, Honolulu, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York, Quebec City, Rome, Seattle, Vancouver and Venice.


A cruise Norwegian can last anywhere from a week to ten days typically. There are shorter weekend cruises available for certain destinations and there are also longer cruises too. The best way to see what is available to help you decide what type of cruise Norwegian you would like to take is to conduct a search on the internet and have a look at their company website. Its typically cheaper to travel in the off-season or what is considered the Hurricane season if you don’t mind the possibly of running into bad weather. Cruise lines in including Norwegian Cruise Lines have many deals and sales throughout the year but you need to look for them in order to know they are available. Check the website frequently, do a lot of searches, sign up for the company newsletter and other travel newsletters that allow subscribers to be among the first to know when a good deal comes up.

Tips and comments

There are many options for travelers onboard a Norwegian cruise. One can travel in budget accommodations or luxury. A budget cruise Norwegian will include an interior room and some basic amenities such as meals, some activities and access to most of the ships services which may include casinos, swimming pools, games rooms, fitness centers and cafes to name a few. A luxury cruise Norwegian will include a room overlooking the sea and all of the other things offered a budget cruise Norwegian but you may also get access to a first-class lounge or other activities or amenities not offered to anyone else.

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