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Taking a Disney Line Cruise


Taking a line cruise to go for a vacation can be an amazing experience. While you get to enjoy the pleasure of being at sea for a couple of days, there a lot of activities which keep you busy and entertained. A line cruise is a perfect way to travel across the world if you’re looking for a luxury trip. A Disney line cruise is an option if you’re a family with kids. It’s the perfect choice for a line cruise because it offers you a lot of activities with all the famous characters of Disney which is not only enjoyable for kids but also for adults. If you’re looking for a few days of luxurious entertainment and fun to travel some place across the world, then a Disney line cruise is your answer.


Cruise lines have been famous since a long period of time. At first they were exclusive for the aristocratic class of the society, the people who could afford the luxuries but over the time, the other classes of the society, the middle and the lower class were also allowed for the sake of traveling. Today, however, anybody who can afford is allowed onboard regardless of their class. Another attribute which was later added to cruise lines were themes. There are cruise lines based on different themes which help increase the entertainment factor. Similarly Disney also introduced its cruise lines which were able to provide the passengers with a mini Disney world in the sea


A Disney line cruise, as mentioned earlier, is a mini Disney world, filled with all the Disney characters and the music being played from the movies. An important factor, which further elaborates the entertainment value of a Disney line cruise, is that it’s for all the age groups. The adults have their own sections in which they can enjoy, like bars and spas. There is also a section for teenagers who have a taste somewhat, different from kids below 11. Here the teenagers can meet up with their peers and can fully enjoy. Then there is a Broadway styled theatre which doubles the fun of watching a movie. Apart from all this, the food, swimming pools and daily shows make it absolutely wonderful to be a part of a Disney line cruise. In addition to this, the world class food makes one look upto the resturants present there.

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All these attributes make traveling in a Disney line cruise a whole lot adventurous. Traveling in a line cruise is already enjoyable and treats to one’s self in a very luxurious way but going aboard a line cruise such as a Disney line cruise makes one feel like a kid again. The childish excitement and the feeling of entering fantasy comes back one is able to recall all the childish memories vividly which makes the whole experience even more memorable. Although unlike other line cruises, casinos are not available in a Disney line cruise but the other entire factors make up for this one little omit which the passengers, normally, don’t seem to notice.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/01/2012
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Taking a Disney Line Cruise. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.