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Years ago, traveling was something that only the very rich did or something that was done as part of your job. There were not many ways to get around except for boat and ground transportation. Today, anyone can travel and the options and choices are endless when it comes to how we get to where we are going. We have the choice to fly, to take trains across long distances, to drive across borders or to take a boat to our destination. The latter is a popular way to travel when it is done by cruise ship. Cruising is much different from just simply getting on a boat and being transported to a destination. Cruising is the destination and so much more.

The best thing about cruising is that you get to see many different places on one trip while still having all the comforts of home and more available onboard your ship. The meals are spectacular, the entertainment is world-class and there are so many things to do while at sea. During shore excursions, the possibilities are endless and it is up to you what you do while onshore. A lot of people tend to think that cruising is expensive and while that may be true for some cruise companies and some routes during certain times of year, it is very possible to get cruises cheap. Below are some tips on how to get cruises cheap.

Step 1

Although it is a gamble, cruising in the off-season, otherwise known as hurricane season, can be very cheap although you may hit rough seas. But if you are thinking about taking an Alaskan cruise, the off-season can prove to be cheap and the weather favorable.

Step 2

An internet search can turn up some great information when it comes to finding cruises cheap. Just type in “cruises cheap” in a search and sort through the results to see what is available.


Step 3

3) There are many travel websites that sort of act like travel agents in the way that they take your travel information such as your budget and when you would like to travel and provide you with those results when they become available. A cruises cheap alert is a great way to be on the lookout for deals while you do other things pertaining to your trip on the side.

4) Another great way to find cruises cheap is to sign up for various travel newsletter that let subscribers be among the first to know when a new deal comes up.

5) Repositioning cruises are cruises cheap that are taking on the shoulder season to get a ship from one place to another. The may tend to be slightly longer than a usual cruise and you may end up spending more time at sea but they are a great way to get cruises cheap.

6) An inaugural cruise is the maiden voyage of a new ship and if you are able to find one of these trips, you will most definitely get a good deal. You may have to act a little like a guinea pig, testing out foods and services and giving your opinion on how they can be done better in the future but the money you can save on one of these cruises cheap will make it worth it.


Cruises cheap are very common and every company has sales all times of year and to many destinations in the Caribbean, The Mediterranean, Alaska and anywhere else cruises are available.

By A McEachern, published at 02/20/2012
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Cruises Cheap - Save Money. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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