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The Best Cruise in the Caribbean


The perfect cruise should offer exceptional service, great itineraries, luxury accommodations and plenty of different facilities. There are several cruise lines that offer a cruise in the Caribbean. Some are a bit more pricey than others, some are meant only for adults, some have activities for children and the whole family and some are longer in duration than others.

Top Two Cruise Lines To The Caribbean

According to travel agents and cruise vacationers, one of the best cruise lines in the Caribbean is The Crystal. Crystal cruises has been around since 1996 and their cruise offers room for over 1,000 guests. Crystal cruise lines is known for their overall elegance, beautiful cabins and activities for those of all ages. Crystal cruise lines is also known for it's themes. Some cruises in the Crystal cruise line are themed with the theme of arts, wine, jazz and photography. Cunard Cruise Lines is also one of the best cruise lines to look into if you're seeking a trip to the Caribbean. Cunard Cruise lines is a high class, sophisticated and elegant cruise ship. Cunard dates back to 1839, being one of the most educational enriched cruise lines. It rooms 2,952 guests and has several activities for both adults and children alike.

Other Great Cruise Lines

The Oceania cruise line is also a great alternative. The Oceania is an premium cruise line, offering eight exclusive culinary restaurants, four elegant bars and a staff of 400 that will cater and pamper to your every need.

The Silversea cruise line is also a great alternative for a cruise in the Caribbean. It is a small ship, so it gives off that intimate appeal. Each guest gets an in room butler, gourmet meals and some great itineraries.

When you're shopping for a cruise in the Caribbean, you'll want to first and foremost figure out your budget. Unfortunately, cruises usually are not cheap and will cost you a pretty dime. If you're planning a cruise with a travel agent, let them know your budget in advance so they can work with you to find the absolute best cruise in the Caribbean for the money.

You also will want to figure out if the cruise will be a family event or just will include adults. If you're going with children, it's imperative that you research different cruise lines to make sure there are several different activities to keep the children busy. Children often get bored on adult like cruises and typically aren't even allowed on board on some adult cruises. Children will need plenty of things to keep them occupied.

Use Cruise Websites and Comparison Sites

One of the best things about booking a cruise is that you can basically do all your research and comparisons online. The internet is your best friend when it comes to find the right cruise for you. When seeking a cruise in the Caribbean, use some of the known cruise comparison sites like Cruise Critic, Kayak and Travel 1. As these sites will compare rates, itineraries, durations, activities and all other pertinent information for you. You then can look through the list of results and figure out which cruise in the Caribbean is the right one for you.

By Nicole Marie, published at 04/01/2012
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