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Vacationers who want a worry-free vacation out at sea commonly choose all cruises inclusive. Many cruises involve boarding at a continental location before traveling to islands or other attractions and then returning to the original port. All cruises specialize in catering to families and newlyweds.

All cruises are attractive to people who like the idea of paying one price for all of their vacationing needs. However, many unfortunate vacationers find themselves paying a great deal more for so-called extra features offered by all cruises, such as tips for waiters and bartenders, alcoholic beverages and shore excursions. The following features are the most frequently offered amenities in an all-inclusive cruise package on all cruises.

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Accommodations: All cruises include a stateroom. However, the stateroom quality does tend to change with the price of the package; some rooms offered are large suites, while others are nothing more than small hotel rooms.

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Dining: Food is another staple offered by all cruises. Vacationers are usually served three meals each day and some snacks in between. Certain beverages are offered on all cruises, but alcoholic beverages are rarely included.

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Facilities: Ships typically have facilities, such as pools and gyms that are included in the cruise package. The quality and number of these facilities vary with the ships of different cruise lines.

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Entertainment: All cruises include a variety of entertainment options. Examples include indoor musical and dance performances, and a casino. Some ships may even feature multiple rooms for entertainment purposes.

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Five of the best cruises are stated below:

Paul Gauguin Cruises: Docking out of French Polynesia, the 330-passenger Paul Gauguin vessel makes a great choice for a romantic cruise. Dance at the La Palette Lounge or enjoy an intimate dinner at the L'Etoile, a French Polynesian restaurant. If you celebrate your honeymoon on the Paul Gauguin, you receive a complementary Polynesian blessing ceremony.

Windstar Cruises: In a 312-passenger vessel, the Wind Surf features a hybrid between a cruise ship and a sail boat. This creates an quiet atmosphere as the vessel sails through the Mediterranean and Caribbean into ports too small for large cruise ships. Most of the cabins only have a porthole view. However, it compensates through luxurious bedding and state of the art electronics in the room.

SeaDream Yacht Club: In a very small 110-passenger vessel, the Sea Dream gives couples a sophisticated experience amidst a casual environment. A standard cabin features bathrooms with showers for two, soft linens, comfortable mattresses and up-to-date electronics. Though none of the rooms feature private decks, you can find many nooks to hide away on the expansive main deck.

Princess Cruises: With large ship luxury on a small ship, consider taking a romantic cruise on the Emerald Princess. It has many entertainment features such as a retro, outdoors movie theater, cabaret singing in the lounge and the couple's spa.

P&O Cruises: In this couples-only cruise ship, you will find nothing but romantic features. Out of the 984 cabins, 685 feature a private deck. Relax on the Lido Deck by the Aquarius pool to soak up some sun. Enjoy dinner at the Arcadian Rhodes with meals prepared by the celebrity chef Gary Rhodes.


From the colors of the setting sun to the isolation due to the surrounding sea, all cruises epitomize romance. When searching for the best romantic cruises you must also account for the atmosphere created by the vessel. Private decks, soft lighting in the lounges, luxurious suites and reservations available in elegant restaurants all add to the natural romance that comes with all cruises.

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