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the Top 3 Vancouver Cruise Destinations For Family Vacations


Vancouver is the most populous seaport city in Canada. It is also a financial and educational metropolis for the country. Vancouver’s main industry is forestry but the tourism is also not far behind as it is second on the list. It is included in the list of top ten most happening and livable places in the world. Every year, people embark on Vancouver cruise to see what makes this place so special and breathtaking. Vancouver cruise vacations for the family are also planned so that the people can explore its cultural diversity.


Archeologists believe that civilization in Vancouver began about some nine thousand years ago. The first people to settle in this area were the Aboriginal people. Later, people of different nationalities started to settle in Vancouver. To enjoy this delightful city, people get on board for a Vancouver cruise.


There are millions of sights to behold in Vancouver and they all can be reached via a cruise. But the three destinations which top the list are Vancouver Lookout, Canada Place and the minter Gardens. “Vancouver Lookout” should be your first cruise destination in Vancouver. This place gives you a majestic view of the Vancouver Island and the mountains of the North shore. This is usually the first stop of the tourists because from here they can decide on the places they would like to visit first. After reaching this place via cruise, you have to get tickets to enjoy the fabulous birds eye view of Vancouver. The city appears to be more romantic and mesmerizing at night, so if possible, you should go to the Vancouver Lookout at night. “Canada Place” is, in a way, a landmark of Vancouver. The roof of this building is built in the form of sails. Most of the cruises to Alaska from Vancouver originate from here. This legendary building was devised by the famous Canadian architect Eberhard Zeidler. It is the hub for many social and cultural events like Canada Day, Christmas, sail of the light and other community events. This cruise destination will definitely take your breath away. “Minter Gardens”, in simple words, is splendid. Set behind a river and grand mountain backdrop, Minter Gardens is earth’s paradise. When the dazzling scenery appears before your ship, you have to pinch yourself to make yourself believe that you are actually there. These gardens are something out of a fairy tale and make your Vancouver cruise vacations more memorable.

Tips and comments

If you are planning to commence upon a Vancouver cruise vacations make sure you have plenty of time, because this place has so much to offer. These vacations are also feasible as you can stay in the stunning yet affordable B & B’s. It is said that Vancouver is a smaller version of the Eden so why not take a trip of this Eden! But this Eden has a little problem. There are many pickpockets around here, so beware of them. What makes your trip more enjoyable is that you can find many tour guides who will happily show you around without charging much. Do not forget to take your camera with you as this might be your only chance to visit Vancouver.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/09/2012
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the Top 3 Vancouver Cruise Destinations For Family Vacations. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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