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If you are on the lookout to buy rugged vehicles that can deliver the best off-road performance and can operate in bad weather and have plenty of space for tons of stuff in them, make up your mind to buy one of the many available cruiser cars.  Here are some things you could do at the showroom and when you go for a test drive.


When it comes to the Chrysler Cruiser, you have a variety of exteriors to choose from. This ranges from the retro look (think of the Chrysler PT Cruiser with its chrome handles, impressive dashboard and stylish gears – though some will tell you that this is rather a girlish car!), to the truck-like, massive look. When you test drive, just be sure to check that the bulky exteriors of the car do not make parking or changing lanes a problem – though such exteriors do give a sense of space and of being in a bigger vehicle than it is, you should know whether that means a compromise with outward visibility.

Since one of the main reasons one would want to buy cruiser cars is the space they offer, you should check whether the seats can be folded with ease and whether the interiors are roomy enough to carry whatever it is that you want. Plus, if you want to haul immense loads, you would be better off with some of the tougher cruiser cars around, or a mini-truck, even.


Chances are, off-road capabilities would probably be high on the list of most people who want to buy cruiser cars. A car may handle very well on a smooth, well-maintained road, but some tend to get a little jittery even on slightly broken roads. If you are going to be taking your Cruiser car through rugged terrain, say, a wildlife park, ensure that the drive is not so bumpy that it makes you queasy and uncomfortable. There is great difference in different Cruiser cars here – some have only really basic off-road capabilities, no matter how they are marketed, while others live up to their robust reputation and shine off the road.

Of course, this depends totally on your requirements – those with families would not necessarily want superb off-road performance, but just something reliable. Be sure to check for comfort, especially if you plan to undertake long journeys, travel often or have kids in the family.


Though you can bet that purists will turn up their noses at the idea, plenty of people want to see leather seats in Cruiser cars, and no matter how many people tell you that this is taking away the essence of a Cruiser car, don't believe them if you really do want leather upholstery. Probably somewhat low on your list of what is desirable from Cruiser cars would be the audio – it is still well worth checking out, as you may just be disappointed with it later.

By Smita, published at 02/19/2012
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Best Cruiser Cars. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.