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Get the Best Deals For Tickets Concert

Published at 02/19/2012 22:32:50


If you have a favorite band and consider yourself a die hard fan, then you've probably already went to a concert or two of your favorite live act.  A lot of die hard concert fans choose to buy tickets the old fashioned way through a ticketmaster location, which consists of standing in line for hours on end to score awesome seats. However, there are other methods you can choose to get the best deals on concert tickets.

Step 1

Learning to use the internet as source of research for concerts is a great method. With the internet, you can research all different venues, ticket search engines, box office websites and radio stations to keep you updated on upcoming live shows. Almost all of these websites offer an email mailing list in which you can subscribe to. The mailing list with send you weekly updates with all upcoming shows and performances, so you're one of the first to know when your favorite band will be coming your way. If you know when your favorite act is coming to town sooner than the general public, then you're almost guaranteed to get the best deal for concert tickets.

Step 2

Joining your favorite bands or artists fan club is another great option. All you'd need to do is go to the bands official website and sign up for their fan club. Sometimes you can sign up for free, whereas other times you will need to pay an annual fee for a membership. When you join a fan club, you're also entitled to concert ticket presales. This means members of the fan club will receive first dibs on tickets that go on sale for that particular band or artist. Generally, you will also pay between 10 to 20 percent less on tickets when you join a fan club, rather than the full price for a ticket if you were not part of the fan club.

Step 3

Listening closely to your favorite radio station may also help your luck in scoring awesome seats, sometimes for free. Many radio stations will hold presales as well as give aways for certain bands and artists. For free concert seat give aways, all you need to do is listen to the station daily and pay close attention to when they will be giving tickets away. Usually, you will need to the call the radio stations number and hope you're their lucky winner. If you don't have great winning luck, then you can also visit the radio stations official website and sign up for the radio stations mailing list. When a band or artist is coming to town, they will send out an official announcement directly to their members emails.

Step 4

Looking into Ebay and other auction sites is also another great alternative. Sites like Ebay offer members to sell basically anything they want. Many auction sellers will sell concert tickets to the highest bidder. Signing up for an account is free but you will need to make sure you have the funds to pay the auction seller if you do in fact win the auction. All you need to do is use the sites official search feature, type in the band or artists name followed by the word 'tickets' and you'll see a piled list of results in which you can choose from.

Step 5

Having an American Express credit card will also increase your chances of getting the best deal for concert tickets. One of the perks of having an American Express card is that you're eligible to presales on concerts, sports events and musicals through the official Ticketmaster site. If you have an American Express card, take advantage of it and buy your tickets before they go on sale to the general public.

Tip 6

If you want the best deals for concert tickets, it's always suggested you do your research ahead of time. Try using the internet as your research tool as soon as you hear the act you want to see if heading your way. If you really want to score the best seats, you'll need to be on top of your game  as there are a ton of people who are also seeking amazing seats.