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Published at 02/10/2012 03:59:18

Event Venue Website

Many ticket venues also have online websites. These are great places to purchase tickets online because it allows you to avoid the middle man and in some cases, get your tickets cheaper. If you do not know the website address, use a search engine to search for the name and location of the venue. Click on the search results link to be taken to the website. Look for a tab or link that says Order Tickets Online and click on it. Choose the tickets you want to purchase and add them to your shopping cart. Enter your credit or debit card information into the payment form and click the Confirm button. Print the receipt and tickets if applicable. If you are not able to order the tickets online, you can find the telephone number for the venue and contact them to find out other ways to order tickets.

Ticket Vendor Websites

Visit ticket vendor websites that allow you to purchase tickets online such as Click on the city and state of the event or search for the even by name. You can also search or click on the venue name. Choose the tickets you want to purchase. Some websites will even allow you to select the exact seats you want. If you have a special promotional or discount code, enter it in the box next to the seat options. Choose how you want to pay for the tickets and if you want to print them from your computer at home, have them sent to you in the mail or pick them up from the venue box office. If you choose to have them sent in the mail, be sure to order them at least two weeks ahead of time to make sure they arrive in time.

Online Auctions

Check for online tickets on auctions websites such as eBay and Bidz. These sites allow individual sellers and vendors to list the tickets they have for sale. You can click on the Tickets category or search for the ticket by name in the search box. Click on each ticket listing to find out more information about the tickets that are for sale. Choose the amount of tickets you want to purchase and click the Bid or Buy It Now buttons to purchase or bid on the tickets. If you are the winner of the auctions, pay for the tickets with your PayPal account or another method accepted by the seller. Your tickets will either me emailed to you or sent by postal mail.

Private Sellers

Purchase your online tickets from private sellers. You can check online classified sites such as Craigslist for ticket listings or check social networks and blogs. Choose the tickets that fit the time and date you want to attend the event and choose how many tickets and what seats you would like. Most private sellers will request money order or credit cards as payment for the online tickets. Some may also accept PayPal. Be careful when giving out your credit card information over the Internet to a private seller. Make arrangements to pickup your tickets from the seller or have them mailed or emailed to you in time for the event.


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