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Vacations Travel - Beautiful Canary Islands

Published at 07/17/2011 22:48:45

 It is doubtful whether there is a person, who does not wish to visit Canary Islands. Wonderful tropical climate, exotic entertainments and peculiarities of national cuisine are the main things, which attract hundred thousands of tourists from all over the world. There are seven islands in the archipelago and every one of them is magnificent. But the most enchanting recreation is waiting for you at Tenerife: it is the largest island where Mount Teide is situated.

 Beautiful legends tell us about Tenerife, this marvelous place of globe. The most captivating one is about ancient people of Guanches. According to the legend these golden-haired giants are the survivors of mysterious Atlantis. And Tenerife is one of the mountain tops of the sunken continent.

Tenerife has unique climate: the temperature is not lower than +20 Celsius in winter and not higher than +30 Celsius in summer. You should add here the cleanest mountain air, refreshing coolness of ocean breeze and beautiful beaches with volcanic sand, which has healing qualities. So, Tenerife is paradise for your vacation.

 The mountain chain divides the island into two parts: humid tropical forests in the north and semi-deserted picturesque rocks in the south, where the main resort zones are located. Costa-Adeje is the most prestigious place here. Hotels present you irreproachable service.

What offers you Costa-Adeje? After you enjoyed the sun and beaches, you may go to “Teide” National Park, which is placed at the foot of the famous volcano. Teide attracts looks; it can’t be mixed with anything else, because it is seen from any spot of the island. Twisting road to the crater comes through mountain slopes, little villages and banana plantations. It is amusing that such exotic is combined with usual potato fields.

Tips and comments:

 High at the mountains you will inhale pleasant antibacterial air of Canary pines, which grows only here. It differs from other pines by thicker and longer needles. There are a lot of observation points, but here is the most popular one as well. It is located near the biggest pine tree of Canary Islands. Its trunk can’t be embraced even by 10 people.

You may also see ancient pyramids at Tenerife too. They were discovered by the legendary traveler of present Thor Heyerdahl. One more sightseeing is Black Madonna; she is a protector of Canary Islands.

Canary carnival is the unforgettable performance. It is not worse than the famous Brazilian one.

So, if you like romanticism and paradise pleasure, you should certainly visit Tenerife. Make your vacation travel unforgettable and full of positive emotions!


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